Looking For Something?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Entry 1

Have you ever been afraid of the dark? I do believe I have. And not just when I was a child I believe everybody is afraid at one point or another.

Imagine this--I'm sure this is happened to you before-- Its when you're watching a scary movie and the director puts on his intense suspenseful music and you start to feel afraid you don't know what that fear is  towards but it's obviously directed towards something that happened in the movie. You hear screeching violins that are quite slow then moves to a more and more intense pitch that you know that something is just around the corner. 

So you tell yourself to continue but you don't want to go through with it. With the curiosity of every individual we always want to see what's around the corner and whats around the corner you can be anything. It can be anything that your mind has created, it could be some monster or it can be a childhood memory, you'll never know what it might be. But when we do look around the corner more commonly than anything it's nothing our senses get tense and we listen to things that don't exist.
If we know that nothing is  around the corner  then why do we always think there is something on the other side? 

Whenever I turn off lights, which puts me into total darkness, the second that no light is around me I feel engulfed. Like everything I ever dreamed good and bad swarm around me and the only thing I can feel is my heart drop. This is quite an intense feeling within a few seconds and all that I can think is if other people feel this? To have such an intense feeling of being alone of not being around anyone or anything within a split second and to realize that it is just your imagination. Why is it that we have these extraordinary feelings? What makes the "fight or flight" phenomenon? Now I'm sure this can be answered within a few seconds but what if nothing had a reason?