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Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Doppelgänger (Revisited)

Edited by Stephanie Bachman

"You’re fired," Harold, a seemingly successful business executive, said at a near yell. "You’re lazy and I can’t stand being in the same room as you." He said as he shivered on his way out as a few people followed. Harold was making his weekly rounds of firings of people he didn’t feel make the cut for his business.

"Are you sure that was the right move?" An older employee asked. "He’s got a wife, children to feed. How is he supposed to provide if you’re firing the new employees left and right?"

"He should have brought his game. I am not leading a semi successful business; I’m leading a Fortune 500 business."

"You’re gonna regret it." Another employee said as she broke off from Harold hoping she wasn’t getting fired as well. "You’re gonna regret it." This phrase echoed through Harold’s mind all day.

"Will I?" Harold asked himself as he sat in his office at a near chuckle. No doubt in his outward appearance, Harold appeared to be very okay with his choice but inside he felt existential dread that his brash decisions were going to be the end of him, or worse, his company

Harold was heading home from a fairly long day of working still thinking of the words "you’re gonna regret it". Harold was a single father in which had a young daughter at the age of seven. Samantha was a fairly good girl but struggled to sleep at the house when no one was home. The nanny had left for the day and Harold seemed to neglect that she was home alone for a few hours. Samantha was an independent girl, Harold seemed to think. She is more than capable of doing whatever she wants, whenever she pleases, without any help. In fact, he thought about firing the nanny too and letting Samantha cook for herself, clean her room, do her homework. Firing was something Harold thought of frequently but not now. Now was if he was going to regret his past decisions.

It was dark outside when Harold got home and most of the house lights were off. Harold looked at the house on arrival and thought it was very strange that the house looked vacant. After pulling his car into the driveway, Harold walked through the garage and into the kitchen. There were no signs of Samantha anywhere. Harold turned on the light to reveal Samantha sitting with her back turned to him in the living room in the dark.

"What are you doing in the dark Samantha?" Harold asked, "I thought you didn't like the darkness," Samantha didn’t respond. Harold walked into the living room searching for the switch to the light and flipped it, but the light didn't turn on. The lights in this room seemed to not work but it was a job for another day. Harold went further into the room and stood beside her and he felt a tension in the room. Something was not right, and he was correct. Swiftly Samantha turned around to Harold and hugged him in her small arms and Harold knew instantly that Samantha did not have a good day.

"What’s going on Sam? You can tell me, I’m all ears." A slight bit of compassion to prove he was still a good father. Samantha didn't respond but continued to hold him firmly and he could only feel sorry for her. Maybe he has been working long hours and Samantha feels neglected. Harold thought carefully and thought about what Samantha wanted to hear, she wanted her father home and he agreed. He had been working long hours and barely had any time with her but that was what happened when you were an executive for a Fortune 500 company.

"How bout I stay home tomorrow?" Would you like that?" Samantha responded but it wasn't from her lips. He heard Samantha across the house and up the staircase in her room, not in front of him.

"Dad? The lights wouldn't turn on and I got scared so I hid in my room till you got home." Harold looked behind him to see a silhouette of a Samantha at the top of the staircase in dim light. "Who’s that?" She asked when she saw a small girl hugging him.

"I…I thought it was you," Harold said now breaking a sweat. If Samantha was on the staircase then who was this small girl? He tried to move the girl to let him go but she would not let go. Harold then turned her head to see her face and it in fact was not Samantha but some doppelgänger with black eyes.

Harold was petrified and held his breath as the small girl peered directly through him as if he and his daughter was food. She smiled revealing long sharp teeth in her mouth and at that moment Harold knew that his time at his Fortune 500 company would end this night. Constantly playing through his head, however, was, "you’re gonna regret it".

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Into the Wild Part III

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019


We float along. 
We’re always wading. 
Let’s build a house,
before we’re fading. 
I might have some things wrong,
but I’ll treat you right. 

Feels like the sun is always,
rising or setting. 
The day goes by,
and I never get a break. 

Just keep holding on,
as the ship does sink. 
Will we,
wait to see,
or will we make it be?
Just make this country,
something to set afire. 
Will we,
wait to see,
or will we make it be?

And if we die,
well try some other time.
It will be a story that I tell, 
my mother. 
And if we cry,
well start a revolution,
and a fire,
maybe this time I’ll catch a break. 

Just keep holding on,
as the ship does sink. 
Will we,
wait to see,
or will we make it be?
Just make this country,
something to set afire. 
Will we,
wait to see,
or will we make it be?

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Monday, November 18, 2019

Leak 11/18/19

Three posts this week

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During the week of Thanksgiving I will be taking a week long break to be with my family. Happy Holidays!

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Saturday, November 16, 2019

At the Bottom of Everything

I put my things away.
I remembered,
all those things,
you said to me,
that digs a hole,
straight through,
the core of me. 

I spent that weekend in my car,
and drank enough for two. 
I felt I was nailed upon the cross,
trying to get to the bottom,
of everything,
and the bottle. 

One of these days. 
I’ll clean up. 
I’ll be ready to make my family proud.
But for now, 
I’ll search the bottom,
of everything,
and the bottle. 

All because of you,
when I dream a dream,
I drown in the ocean. 
As I pick up those words,
that you used to get to,
the bottom of everything. 
As I look through this bottle,
I think I see the ocean,
so it might be best,
to drown myself for a while. 
Till I get to the bottom of everything,
and maybe a bottle.

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Before I Part

I heard it on the speakers,
late last night. 
Must we always,
do what were told?
Light a fire to lead the way. 

I boarded up the windows,
of my house. 
So I can complete,
something worth doing. 
We’re all growing old. 
Time is running out. 

To think that everyone,
must die,
and we all want,
to be something that matters. 
Searching for a former clarity. 
To be what’s worth while. 

To think all roads come,
to an end. 
Then we climb the ladder.
I need to be better.
I need to live better. 

To be all that I can be,
and live within the laughter. 
I’ll find my way before I part.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Sinners and the Saints

The savior graces you,
we were bound to lose. 
Each little fragment,
of the broken past. 
Where has our kingdom gone?
Mistaken where we’re from. 
A simple headache,
and the wait is done. 

Do you know what you are?
Or are you insane?
I can see the expression,
on your misguided face. 
Do we fight the virus?
Or we submit our way?
The clocks keep ticking,
but the moment doesn’t change. 
In the midst,
of the sinners,
and the saints

You think you control us.
You think you know the way. 
You think you stopped,
the villains at their game. 
Where’s our kingdom come?
Now we’re on the run.
We lie in the midst,
of the sinners and the saints.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Leak 11/11/19

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Taking Home

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

To Make This House A Home

There’s nothing,
that I can say,
to make you not go.
To make you come back,
To make this house a home. 

But I’ll live,
I’ll break my back,
I’ll live by the tracks,
I’ll gain all I lack. 
To make myself a man. 

There’s so many,
friends and family,
who say I won’t,
amount to nothing. 
But if I let go of my ego,
I can finally breathe.

They all still think I’m wrong,
because I belong to the Otherside. 
But I’ll take back,
all my morals.
So I’ll be fine and clean. 

Is it so hard to see me?
I was your pariah. 
Now I live much like,
the mortals,
that live in the streets. 

I know it’s hard,
to understand,
my thinking. 
Waiting for,
the Demagogues,
to take me away. 
But there’s so much,
now I can see. 

I see you across the street,
not believing what you see. 
The path I have chose,
among the righteous and the pius. 
I see you not believing in me. 
Not thinking I could see,
the path I can take,
to turn this house into a home. 

Now I can’t believe I lived,
wished to be where you stood,
wanted to make your house a home. 
You’re just like the Demagogues,
taking away from richeous,
corrupting the minds of men. 
To think,
I wished to make your house a home.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Blood Rushes

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Monday, November 4, 2019

Leak 11/4/19

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