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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Child: Prologue

Once their was a child, born to be great, born with so many talents that people who have just met him believed that he will be a leader of many. A man who could be the best at whatever he committed to but he never wanted the attention. He lived his life always being in the shadow of his father, though he loved him, he feared that someday he would be just like him. The child was perfect in the eyes of many but he only had a desire of self destruction. He believed that one day he would disappear of the face of the Earth and upon returning, all would stand in awe. Its the boy who couldnt finish anything, the one who will be missed but never forgotten and who was everything that could be. The one who will disappear and then one day he would finish everything he started and thats when he comes back....he will be extraordinary.

The Child

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