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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Have No Fear!

Alright have no fear! As many have already noticed, I have been lacking on the posts for the past few months but have no worry! You can easily say that I am taking a late summer break. I have been transitioning from new jobs, medications and my life is starting to tone down again to where it was before. With that said I now have a planned line up for this next so quoted 'Season' as you may. 

Both 'The Child' and 'Listening For That Sweet Tune' have ended their first acts and I have already been writing the next ones but I wanted to get a few more stories out there. '--Somnia' Will be taking place in the near present future of the world creating a dystopian society and a breaking out of social normalities. 'It Happened On A Tuesday' takes place in the mind of a patient in a mental ward who firmly believes that everything that it is seeing are not in fact hallucinations but actual apparitions that are presenting themselves to the patient. The patient finds himself to be a subject to a new kind of therapy that will either make or break the patient, only time could tell. 

Additionally, another will soon be released titled 'The Wretched' consisting of two main stories. One being of a man on a great sea voyage to find a lost artifact and another that takes place years after the great voyage ended through the eyes of a teenager, a young man in a small desert village as 'strangers' begin to occupy the lands around them. All of which are apart of the same universe, everything will be connected in the end and this will make an amazing tale.     

If you have any questions or ideas on anything within my blog please, don't hesitate and Email me at Everydayaverageartist@msn.com, I also encourage comments! Lets make this a community in the coming year. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. With that all information now, You can expect me to be kicking things off next month, living with new material, new stories and new views of life. As if they weren't before, things are going to pick up, violence will ensue Ben and Emery's life. It will be bloodier, it will have more emotion and you all will be pleased to where it is going. Following is a poem titled 'Have No Fear'.

Have no fear,
all the wastes are won.
What have I become?
A fatherless son.
To shake and smear, 
your blood and tears, 
over the walls of the damned.
Cant you see? 
All thats bottled within,
with horrible things that,
grin with broken smiles.
Grinding teeth,
floor shakes from beneath.
From this I can tell 
the walls are moist,
stink of sweat,
drip with angst and joy.
The days have passed,
but nothing did last,
to show me the way was paved.

Have no fear,
patron saints and satyriasis'
you can have a place, 
where you preach and feed.
A numb feeling,
pulsing through my back, 
to spine through all my needs.
Crouched and curled,
how do you see the world?
I see the naked and thin,
they have the power to win.
A thought of one immortal sign,
beast or man,
they can push away the right.
So have no fear,
I can smell the end is near, 
watch and wait.
as we procreate. 
Have no fear,
it is the year to win.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

It Happened On A Tuesday-Pt. 1.1

Have you read the preceding chapters?
If not then read it from the beginning
Read the preceding chapter...

The Beginning:

Previously on It Happened On A Tuesday:

The pain was becoming a little too much for me to handle; I looked to a tray and table that was on the side of the gurney. Inside the tray was various bloody surgical instruments and several injectors—a few already been used--a bottle to the side of all of the injections read '(RS)-2-(2-Chlorophenyl)-2-(methyl-amino) cyclohexanone’ I did not know what this was but looking at the little bottle, much of it has already been used. I figured that this already has been used by me so at this point I figured that there was nothing to lose.

I fumbled my hands towards one of the injectors but it was hard to keep my hands steady but over time I had my hands on the injector and the unknown liquid. Placing the needle within the bottle I heard more noises around me; looking around I noticed that more of the doors to the cryogenic coffins were opening and the tables that the bodies were on were slowly approaching the rest of the world. 

I immediately took the needle and stabbed it into my side near my massive cut that I had supposedly made—that was my best guess—and relief overcame my body almost instantly. I threw the injector to the side as I was trying to maintain my balance on the ground, my feet grew numb and in a short time the rest of my body did as well. The floor moved from beneath my feet knocking me down to the ground and the gurney wheeled away from me. 

I woke up in a sweat when I came back to the real world. I noticed that from my placement I tried to make my way to the door again because I was nearer to it than I was before but my body gave up before it had the chance to touch the doorknob. The pain in my side was gone again as before but since I had control over my body and everything else I could only figure it to be wearing off fully fairly soon. I moved my body a little to sit myself up—the door was about three feet behind me now—looking forward everything seemed to be in the same positions as I left them. Everything seemed foggy like steam was settled on my eyes as like it does to a window. My body broke out in a sweat as the lights flickered and failed. 

There were no bodies out on any of the tables that were out of all of the cryogenic coffins that were around me but there were still a good dozen of the doors that were still closed. One thing that I did see that stood out from the others was something that made me think of a big black shadow that was in one of the corners of the room. After a few more seconds of examining the object that stood no the other side of the room I noticed that it in fact had its own shadow. Long stringy black fibers hung from every inch of the figure and even though this object was more than just a shadow, it looked as if it was just some two dimensional object. I couldn't see its head because it was hunched over showing some large deformation on its back but I could tell that this was not just some ordinary being.

As it breathed in and out I could hear some sort of wheeze; it had a hard time breathing and I almost wanted to help but something was just plain off with it. I could have sworn that I was in a dream; everything seemed to float around me and I felt weightless when I got up to my feet. As I got up to take a few cautious steps to the figure it started to sway back and forth. I began to hear a soft beating 'pump pump, pump pump'; it sounded fairly week at first but as the minutes passed I was able to figure out what it was. 

When I was fairly young my father took me to work with him whenever my mother was visiting her sister during the weekend. All of us kept to ourselves, away from the community and tended to our family as a whole; my parents taught me to never trust the hearts of men, they prey to deceive. No one else was able to see the inner workings of our family and to be honest—it was comforting. Because of my fathers job he always carried a stethoscope with him and on the long nights when he was highly involved with work he gave me his own personal stethoscope. I placed it against my father’s chest from time to time to hear a soft beating of a heart renounce itself from the inner cavity of his body.

Constant fluid beats resonated out from within him and into my ears like it was the soft music of the living—chills rolled down my spine from my satisfaction. My father soon pointed out to me that I, my very solid self, also had this soft music within me. He placed it against my chest but I could not hear any music as I did hear within my father. It felt cold and thick as ice as if it was from every piece of darkness that you could find on the planet. In reality nothing was wrong, I couldn't hear the music that I longer for that dwelled within my father and that worried me. It worried me to such a certain point that it began to control my life; I grew motionless and unsettled in the brightness of everyday to a certain point that it sickened me but no one could recognize this. 

That cold and strained heartbeat that echoed through the air sounded as if it was my own sick self revealing to the world that I was no longer sane. I could hear the blood rush in and out as if it was right next to my ear as tearing ensued within the heart to make a soft drip that I could hear on the floor beneath me and as I looked repeatedly beneath me it was as if my face was bleeding but no opening could be found. As a few more steps proceeded towards the dark figure it began to stir more and the rushing of blood onto the floor trickled even faster as if it was pouring from the walls but it was anything but. Like a storm drain overflowing, little drainage holes on the floor poured bright crimson liquid—the smell of it flowed through my nostrils and it was a solid fact that I was now standing in blood. 

When I looked back up the figure had now turned to be what I could figure to be looking at me. All I could see was black and the swaying motions of the figure to sway the loose clothing on it back and forth through the air. A bright light began to appear from the figure and then another two; no reflection shined off from the light, just solid, empty darkness. I then began to notice that two of the smaller lights were eyes as the third larger one was a mouth all in their appropriate places. The mouth grew larger and the bright white light from the eyes grew in intensity. The figure started to tilt its head back, straightening out its spine to begin to grow higher in stature then a piercing noise echoed out from its mouth.

A loud high-pitched squeal of a thousand mourning screams nearly paralyzed my body to leave me motionless but I covered my ears milliseconds before it began. I turned around to look back at the exit and the rather large doors remained shut but it was my only exit so I began to charge at it to take a full blow through my body. As I ran towards it blood splashed around me and all over my body to leave me covered in red and by the time that I reached the door I could say that I was soaked in it. A loud clinging occurred as I collided with the door but I knew that I was able to break through and within seconds I found myself on the floor trying to get up as the blood began to flow outside of the room. 

From where I was at I could take off in any of the three other direction around me but the one that stood out to me was in front of me due to a rather large winding staircases heading up to another level. I began to run up the stairs as I looked behind me to see the figure limping towards while sending out screeches of self-loathing and agony. No lights were on in the hallways leaving everything pitch black but because of the bright lights of the pursuer behind me I could see a fair amount of distance in front of me but only if I remained in the sight of my pursuer. 

I was left with a difficult situation that could possibly leave me with one outcome and that was to remain close to my pursuer in order to move forward and away from that same pursuer. I could only hope that with no knowledge of where I was going I would not find myself in a dead end. This would most likely be a very dangerous strategy but as I reached the top of the staircase not able to see anything I was certain that it had to be done.

Next up in It Happened On A Tuesday:

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Thoughts of a Lifetime (Into the Future)

When I think of the future.
I wonder where I will be.
Could I be an actor?
Or be sailing in the sea?
I think that you are an angel,
because nothing was enough.
I gave all that you asked for,
but you still didn't show your love.
When I look into to future,
I wonder what I would see.
Will there be any mountains?
Could there be you and me?

You see, 
this is getting rather sketchy,
all you have is idle hands.
A range of superstition,
like dead bodies in our bags.
When I look into the future.
Where would I be at?
Could I be six feet under,
or something simple like that?
I could be a politician.
A tyrant with some bitter words.
I could build something special,
or kill millions with my hands.

When I look into the future.
Everything looks so dull.
A single day living without you,
I think I'll loose my soul.
Any minute I'll hear yelling,
but my mouth makes no sound.
I wonder if you'll stay here,
maybe spend your time with me.

For a moment there I opened up,
and breathed in fresh air. 
Just to find out I was wrong.
I'm better off to close myself back up, 
in time I can say.
It was me who fucked up.

If I look into the future,
of life turned to death.
I can’t help but see me smile.
I want to see the world I said,
it may take some time.
You were fine to wait for a while. 

When I look into the future.
I wonder where I will be.
Could I even be a good man?
Would you be there for me?

When I look into the future.
Could I even have a child?
Are things so bright perfect,
or am I just in denial?

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

—Somnia Act 1: 1

Here is a new story that I have been working on for a while now. As like the others, if this gets enough views and people wishing to hear more, I will continue to post more. 

Act I: in 

It's an odd world we live on nowadays. You could walk any direction for a several feet or so and you could live your life in a new adventure. You could be a stranger in a strange land but no one would think any different of you. I find it funny to think that anyone could get lost if they just made one wrong turn down a alleyway just on the sole fact that is something you haven't seen before. 

When I was young I remember reading through a book of old proverbs; one always stood out to me. 'If a wise man chooses his own path he would never be lost in the mazes of his mind but if a foolish man follows he would only be attempting suicide.' Suicide. That word was unfamiliar me, I have never heard of such a word before so I got up to speak to one of my elders. 

'Where did you hear such a word child?' The Elder yelled at me in a deep raspy voice.

'It was in this book here sir. A book of sayings of great men in the past.' I answered holding a book out in front of me. The man’s eyes flamed and he grew enraged.

'You know you aren't supposed to go back in the archives, why can't you be like the rest of the kids and remain here where you can read about our great leaders and heroes?'

'They don't interest me anymore sir, they always do the same things and nothing ever changes with them. There has to be something else in this place.' The Elder lowered his head and started to shake it.

'No, no, no! You know better than that. The past is full of mistakes and we live in a perfect world now. Give me that book, this is for elders eyes only.' As he snatched the book from my tiny hands. 'Go back to studying with the others before you get any more sick.' There was nothing left to save me from. If I was becoming sick then I have been sick for my entire life. I sat amoung the others to watch them play with miniature airplanes and colour white pages in the oddest of colours, 'I think I am already beyond saving.'

Lights turned on in my room and the shades opened to reveal the skyline of the city I lived in. I was sleeping soundly with my hands folded across my chest as a light ringing came from another room across the way but I remained still, I was dreaming. I have been able to recollect my childhood like it was the back of my hand yet, I couldn't say that I knew anyone else that could do that. I began to scratch my head as I felt around the bed with my other hand. Most people would expect a person with them in a bed but I have rarely been granted with that opportunity due to my 'uniqueness' so the next best thing filled in that chaotic void of nothingness. Knowledge. A rather large book sat aside me with pens and papers filled with annotations and various thoughts. I leaned over to read the last thing I wrote before I fell asleep. 'If everything is perfect then why do I feel so stained?' 

As I look back into days that have already passed, I can’t really say that I have lived 'the life' that everyone always to talk so nobly about. In the so called perfect future lies a world that has ultimately changed the life that you live right now—I couldn't say it was for the better in any way, shape or form. Everyday life now has turned into the bidding of politicians and corporations who firmly believe that whatever they do to the immediate population is for the good for the human race, well, whatever is left of it. The human race once firmly disagreed to these actions because it was given instead of earned but that never lasted long. People soon began to feel more comfortable knowing that there really was no solid punishment for an individuals actions because The Enclave will make everything right again and as much as I want to say that I hate them, they are at least doing it right. Everything seems peaceful now but I can’t help but to look at everyone else and see that they are slaves to their own existence—I wonder if they see the same thing in me?  

I always found it interesting that in days before anything like this came forth people had a choice in which we could choose what to do, how to do it and if we failed we dealt with the consequences. Because of that the Enclave doesn't believe in the freedom of choice. Humans tend to make the wrong decisions and strive to fulfill their own personal interests—which makes sense but that still doesn't make it right. I was born here—this city within a city—and as like everyone else they created me in their own self interests to figure more about the human spectrum of emotions and choices—the same ones that they ridded. How could it affect a typical life? Its not like they already know the results because we are all the same, were really just some guinea pigs in the grand scheme of things. 

Their lies a production facility within the Creation Precinct in which creates the dying population of human beings. The takeover was harsh on the minds of men, nobody desired to create life anymore because nobody wanted to put their children through this so The Enclave had to put the matter in their own hands in which Doctor Edgar Kyne created the first artificial creation center to create what he called 'The Glass Embryo'. He rooted out all form of rebellion and creative minds within these Glass Embryos, which made them truly pure in the maker’s point of view. 'You now can be free of any fault in your life. You can now become one in the same as you are now apart of one like mind, a perfect race, the human race.'-Dr Kyne's Creation Address. Dr. Kyne is one of the select few are now apart of the last 'true humans' that we can find at this present date. 

Once every century, high members within The Enclave choose one couple to produce an actual child. He is set aside for rigorous testing just to make sure that everything that we have today is for the best, to reassure themselves that what they chose to do was not in fact a mistake but once the child is born he is hidden amoung the public as others conduct tests on him without his or her knowledge of it. He then becomes just like one of us, not knowing who he really is just to reduce jealousy with the rest of the population. The couples are chosen amoung the most prestigious of the world and need to maintain certain accomplishments in their own lives.

The Enclave wants the child to be smart, agile but ruthless, they find the right family for the job and everything sets in motion. They procreate, they enjoy what they helped to do and they watch their own child grow from a distance so they can live happily ever after, at least that’s what we are told. I am not stupid and I've went through these buildings and production facilities several times before and from what I can figure is that the poor woman had to deal with months of rigorous testing and training just to be killed minutes after birth, I guess I will never know but nothing is truly what it seems to be. I jumped out of bed to rush to the other room and answer the phone that had been ringing.


‘Ah, there you are! Were you planning on seeing me tonight like we previously planned.’ I rubbed my eyes a few times while yawning and then answered.


‘Alright then, I’ll see you tonight.’ I hung up the phone and returned to my bedroom to walk towards the window. It was fairly large and occupied the entire wall; I leaned up against it and looked out. A city of metal and glass so full of high-rise buildings that it could pierce the clouds. A sun beginning to rise up over the horizon in the distance. Vehicles passing by on monorails and tracks placed throughout the air. A life I live that can only make me more confused and incomplete. I looked down to see a long drop from where I was to the ground, ‘And the people down there don’t even get the chance to feel the sun.’  


Act 1: 2

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