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Monday, September 3, 2012

Thoughts of a Lifetime (Into the Future)

When I think of the future.
I wonder where I will be.
Could I be an actor?
Or be sailing in the sea?
I think that you are an angel,
because nothing was enough.
I gave all that you asked for,
but you still didn't show your love.
When I look into to future,
I wonder what I would see.
Will there be any mountains?
Could there be you and me?

You see, 
this is getting rather sketchy,
all you have is idle hands.
A range of superstition,
like dead bodies in our bags.
When I look into the future.
Where would I be at?
Could I be six feet under,
or something simple like that?
I could be a politician.
A tyrant with some bitter words.
I could build something special,
or kill millions with my hands.

When I look into the future.
Everything looks so dull.
A single day living without you,
I think I'll loose my soul.
Any minute I'll hear yelling,
but my mouth makes no sound.
I wonder if you'll stay here,
maybe spend your time with me.

For a moment there I opened up,
and breathed in fresh air. 
Just to find out I was wrong.
I'm better off to close myself back up, 
in time I can say.
It was me who fucked up.

If I look into the future,
of life turned to death.
I can’t help but see me smile.
I want to see the world I said,
it may take some time.
You were fine to wait for a while. 

When I look into the future.
I wonder where I will be.
Could I even be a good man?
Would you be there for me?

When I look into the future.
Could I even have a child?
Are things so bright perfect,
or am I just in denial?

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