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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Can You Hear Me Now?

I’m trying to fill this space,
I hope that you relate.
I’ve been trying to win this race,
I feel kind of out of place

Can you hear me now?
I’m somewhere somehow.
I try to make a step,
this is my last regret. 

I feel like a animal. 
Locked in a cage for some show.
I try to make things right. 
I don’t want to fight. 

The tank is getting low,
I don’t want to spend this now.
I think I’ll stay here to tonight,
I’ll see you some other night.

Will you see me then?
I think I need a friend. 
I stand on the outskirts now,
I need to be there for a while. 

Can you hear me now?
The air smells something fowl.
I can’t stand the half full mess. 
I can’t see past that’s left. 

I feel a wholesome mess. 
Maybe I’m just like the rest. 
I try to make things right. 
I don’t want to fight. 

Can you hear me now?
I’m somewhere somehow.
I try to make a step,
this is my last regret. 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wake Up The Dream Is Over

The little world in my palm,
the radio is on.
And if I believe what they say,
the whole damn world will be like me. 

My life is long enough just so. 
The little ducklings in a row. 
Life’s such an ignorant bliss. 
Flip the table, 
cock the pistol,
and feel my fist. 

The worlds mine. 

I’ll teach the reapers what they sow. 

The world is mine. 

The fishermen fisheries will learn from me. 

The world is mine. 

I’ll turn the slime into water and the water into wine. 

The people don’t understand. 
Why there’s a brand on my hand. 
In this dystopia. 
Everyone owns you. 

I get the facts from what I read. 
They tell me on the tv screens. 
I’m just another cog in the machine. 
But I know the world wishes they were me. 

I got a dirty little secret. 
And if I trust that you will keep it.
They have meeting every Tuesday at 5.
It’s time to blow something up 
and start a revolution by 9. 

The world is mine

They will have to be put together by glue. 

The world is mine. 

The ignition has been fired and it’s aiming at you. 

The world is mine. 

They don’t know what’s coming. 

The world is mine. 

The revolution is stunning. 

Has everyone found out?
The people are becoming now. 
Wake up, the dream is over. 

Has the leaders all run away?
I think we are here to stay. 
Wake up the dream is over. 

But what really was our plan?
We stuck it to the man. 
Wake up the dream is over. 

The man you will put at the head.
He is laughing over the dead. 
Wake up the dream is over. 

The past is found if you read it. 
I just done believe it. 
Wake up the dream is over. 

We became the new tyrant. 
Now the people rise up to fight it. 
Wake up the dream is over. 

The world is mine. 
Wake up the dream is over. 

The world will die. 
Wake up the dream is over. 

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My Song

Even then I see your blue eyes stop my falling. 
Now I know.
Even now your blue eyes caught me from my folly.
Now I know that each time I cry.
Why do I even lie?
You are my song.

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Friday, June 8, 2018

The Month of Madness

You're in luck! I am getting a lot of stuff together and am going to do a event on my blog that will be titled The Month of Madness! what is The Month of Madness? I know that I used to blog a lot and for a while I did not blog at all so I have a plan to pay it forward back to you by giving you a post every day for a entire month. In this Month of Madness you will get poetry, a new part to my short story The Crucible, drawings, a revised chapter to my novel and more stuff I have not done on my blog before. Its going to be awesome. Tell all your friends to keep their eyes on my blog because a lot of content is coming your way. I have not decided if I want it to be the start of next month or the month after but you will know soon enough. I'll keep you posted and spread the word!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

I Feel Guided By Myself

Momma caught me fighting with my shadow.
Father hit a herald times four.
I've learned the birds and bees.
So stay away from me.
I'll be sleeping in the hardwood floor.

A sentinel warns us of the sky.
Time and time again, 
I recover from misanthropy. 
Yet you wonder of the reason why.
Think we're going down, down, down. 

I feel guided by myself. 

All my friends on liquor street, 
want a piece of granite,
to firmly press underneath their gums.

I told a tale to understand, 
the meaning of the planet.
The chemical trails greeted me,
With their guns. 

And I’m sick of all the complications,
that you can’t seem to stop offering me. 
Everyone is rather bored of this situation.

I can’t stop what is being offered to me,
I feel guided by myself. 

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