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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

—Somnia Act 1: 3


             Act I:3 in 

What is unhappiness? I thought that when I got into an elevator with my fellow robots with skin and I couldn't help but realize that it isn’t an actual word. Using 'un' for not and putting in front of 'happiness'—which is a word used frequently—you create a word meaning not happy. I am not happy. It’s as if everything is a dream and I am just going along with the already predetermined storyline that my mind has already created. It’s more like a nightmare if you ask me—which means bad dream. I sighed out loud to myself and a few of the fellows that I knew turned to look at me.

'What’s wrong with you?' Asked one.

'Have you taken a suture yet, here, have mine.' Said another.

'No. I've already taken one. I’m just a little nervous because I am seeing Temperance tonight.'

'Oh is that so?' Said to the fellow to my right. 'She’s a rather fine piece of meat, you going to tear it up tonight?'

'That’s disgusting.' I replied. 'All you people think about is sex and fucking your hearts desires and that’s just not me.'

'That’s not what she thinks.' Said another. 'She’s a very promiscuous young lady and she always gets what she wants.'

'That’s rubbish!' I yelled. 'Some people have some morale’s, unlike you.' He shrugged it off and turned to look forward again.

'You know. You're an odd one; you know that? You are a real heretic.' I laughed to myself and turned to him as he turned to look at me. 

'And what are you going to do about it?' I asked. He shrugged and looked forward till we reached the factory level of the building we were in. Where we live is a building known as factory zero one zero, the very first factory if you were to look at it on a list but the buildings purpose is not just to house a factory but the people who live there as well. Everyone who lives here has a part in one way or another; some are like me and others clean up my messes. Grocery stores and restaurants lay on their own individual floors as department stores settle on another. There is even a floor known as the red light floor in which you can easily guess on what happens there. 

This is a live free, die young world we live in, real cherry. A land where we have the permission to dwell on our vices and never face real consequences but I always felt that something was wrong with what we can do. Like we are entitled to everything around us, like its our right to kill the animals and plants that is left in this world--I'm not sure if I understand the point yet. 

The door in front of us opened and we began to walk down a long hallway. White tiled floor, white tiled ceiling, the wall to the left of us was covered in a few inches of reinforced glass and underneath us were conveyer belts and large robotic arms that assembled little microchips into capsules that were thinner than a piece of paper—something that a man couldn't handle. In front of us was a gate with a few police officials in front of that. To the right of that was a steel door that led to a glass room in which a woman waited for me. I don't have to be checked by security, most people do. I waved to the fellows I was with and took a right into the other room. 

'Good morning sir, how are you today?' Said the woman sitting inside a conjoining glass box as she looked down to her desk. 

'I’m fine Juniper. A little uneasy but I'm fine.' She looked up from her desk and folded her arms as she looked at me. 

'You were already aware of the overseer wanting to see you?'

'Yes, they let me know last night.'

'That makes sense on the fact of you being dressed up.' As she looked at me up and down to examine my formal suit. 'You are clean by the way.' I walked forward into the glass room she was in to talk up to her close. 

'Where is he?' As I leaned my hand on the desk in front of her. 

'He’s in your office. You also have seven messages; one is concerning the upcoming beta testing and needs to be addressed as soon as you are able. Another one was from Temperance, just making sure you remember your date tonight.'

'I haven't forgotten.' I started to walk away as she turned around in her chair and raised her voice. 

'There was another one coming from a mumbling man. I couldn't understand what he was saying but it sounded serious.' I waved back to her as I opened the next door that led into several offices. From here everything looked the same, boxes inside boxes looking nearly to the exact same thing over and over and over. It feels like everything is blending in with each other to make one gigantic smile. I walked up into my cubicle and a man wearing long brown robes was admiring my book collection. 

'You know, your work has been admired by The Enclave for some time now. You have been granted with such a stroke of genius I could say that you could of been born rather than created.' Said the overseer starring at the bookcase. 

'Who says I was created? You can't know for sure.' I said while placing by bag on a chair in the room

'I do. In fact the entire Enclave does but that's another matter to attend to but for now, you have a promotion coming up. That would account for a celebration.'

'Is that so?' I said as I raised my eyebrows. 'What kind of promotion are we talking about?' The Overseer turned around and began to walk toward me. 

'The best kind. A kind of promotion that will change your life but for the better.' He placed his hands on my shoulders. 'You are to become one of us. An Elder in the name of The Enclave. We need talent like you and we need it as soon as you are able.' I was speechless. I could become one of the very things that I detested but positives could always be seen through the corners of my eyes. I could read through the archives and find out about our world before it was taken over. I could find the truth on what was happening and I could use that to my advantage.

'Yes.' I said. 'I will become one with The Enclave and serve our masters.' The Overseer smiled at me and nodded as he left the room. I was to become an Elder. Very few get the chance to see this let alone become one. Think of all I could do and change. I smiled grimly because I knew what I was going to do with all of that valuable information, I was going to expose The Enclave for what they truly were. A true power that took over all the nations with a metal fist, a government who reigns over the people, a slaver. 

I was more exited than anxious now, something that I always wanted to learn about. Later that night I finally saw Temperance in all her glory; I was unsure if I should tell her that I was to become a Elder but it wasn't like I had to obey the law of chastity or anything. It was just a title like 'General Manager' or ‘Businessman’; nothing that really stood out from everyone else other than being an Elder was a very prestigious feat to accomplish. 

'That’s so good for you!' She says. 'I’m so proud of you, I knew you would do something great!' If only you knew what my agenda was then you would take back any thought of me but for now, everything was cherry. We made love for the very first time that night, my fellows were right, she was easy. She looked deep into my eyes as she laid next to me and said she would do anything for me as long as I cared for her, I couldn't help but accept. So this is what life has become? I thought of my unhappiness and how Temperance could save me from my rut but I could only wonder if she had really changed for the better or she would flee as soon as the sex went sour. I guess only time could tell but for now, she was in my arms, sleeping and I couldn't help but feel at peace.    


Act 1: 4

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