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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Skin Under Our Nails

I walk these streets in the dark,
no place to rest my weary head. 
Distances no one cares to know. 
The road I have traveled,
but I remain the same. 
I counted my age,
the ages left me again. 
All the broken roads I have traveled,
I remain the same.
Chasing my dreams.

The solitude creeps down my veins
but it feels the same once again. 
I let you in with an open door,
I let in all my friends. 
But the distances I traveled,
they affect me all the same,
dirt in my teeth,
and grime on my skin. 
The same road that I travel,
but it's never the same. 
I'm only chasing my dreams.

Stop, wait, lend me your ears,
The trivialities have,
suspended themselves over our heads for years. 
Smile, kill, wait, push,
you act so entitled,
you look so lush.
But the differences remain,
between the two of our skins. 
I've been waiting for this,
I have longed for the tears. 
You look so defiled,
with the cuts on your skin. 
The creature is between us,
you musnt try to win. 
But you act so hypnotized, 
the way you walked in. 

Where is my friend?
Please where did you go?
I've waited so long,
but you will never know. 
You look do distraught,
with the pain in your eyes,
I whisper to you slowly,
'Do you now wish to die?
You seem so disgusting,
you look so reposed. 
You can't stop the bleeding,
you have in your throat.'
You look up to me,
With the fear in your sighs
'I banish you deamon!
Please let me go!'

Is this what I am?
Some master in disguise?
I live in the hearts of men,
and control their whole lives.
I don't want you to go, 
but you will do anything but stay. 
I thought you were lost,
but you only found another way.
You live your life,
as I am distraught. 
I walk in the dark,
its all that I got. 

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