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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It Happened On A Tuesday-Pt. 1.2

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The Beginning:

Previously on It Happened On A Tuesday:

With every step that my pursuer took towards me I took another away. It was moving slowly so I was at a steady pace of walking just trying to see what was in front of me. I took another look back to see that it was now on all fours crawling towards me like that was its natural position. His eyes gleamed brighter than his mouth now and his mouth closed and opened from time to time revealing his black sharp teeth that could have been from a shark.

As he was moving towards me I could see that where his feet were touching left black dripping stains that spread out along the floor boards, his body did this too whenever it touched something. Like liquid corruption and chaos was leaving his body and consumed everything it touched I couldn't help but think of what would happen if he ever got the chance to touch me. 

I wouldn't let him touch me, of course, but I couldn't help but wonder what would happen. Would I become apart of him? Would I be sucked up into oblivion with no way out? None of the thoughts had the potential of lightening up the situation or the pursuers soul as far as I'm concerned. A big gut feeling of déjà vu went through my stomach and for another moment I could have sworn that I could taste it as well. The same kind of taste whenever I thought about my youth, weird when you think about it but it really was a certain guy feeling with an actual taste. 

Because of this déjà vu I felt in my gut, I felt as if I knew where I was going; I didn't know the destination but I knew where to turn. Left. I knew something about that direction was right. I turned and waited a few seconds to let my pursuer get closer so I could see everything in front of me. Above me read a sign that said 'West Ward', wherever I was it couldn't have been good.

I looked towards several rooms and everything looked the same. Solid metal doors with a little square window at shoulders length. Long metal bars every few inches were over the window and while I was looking into the room I could see that bars were covering the windows to the outside as well. The window lay directly in front of the door a few feet away, the room was rectangular and proceeded only to my right just enough to fit a metal frame of a bed. 

No one was inside but I knew someone lived there because a picture frame sat on top of a small dresser that was in front if the window. It was of a young woman that looked like she was just getting out of bed, hair a mess but a big smile on her face. The creature that was following me was now only a few feet away from me so I began to walk away and look into another window that was several more feet down the hallway. This one was more decorated. Purple curtains were draped over the window but the drawers to the dresser were pulled out and clothes were thrown around the room—nobody showed their face here either. 

I could hear my pursuer gurgle a little bit as if it was choking on its own saliva or maybe worse, blood as I only wished that this hallway wouldn't end. There was no thrill of the chase yet I found myself sweating with the anxiety that was pulsing through my veins. I turned back to look at the monster to see that he was now standing in his tracks. He swayed back and forth moving his weight from one foot to the other but no step forward followed. I tilted my head sideways as I looked at him in confusion and I dared to do what most wouldn’t. As every step got me closer to him a heat was burning down my neck and into my clothes. I was sweating more by each and every step toward the strange being.

Screeching followed, as I was a mere few feet away and my heart started pounding with adrenaline and fear. I turned to find my body on the ground struggling to get up and I looked toward my foot to see several black monsters with bright eyes coming from under the monsters robe. They squirmed up and tried to grab my feet as I kicked them away in a panic.

I began to rush into the darkness not wanting to turn around to see the thing behind me and before I knew it I ran into a mere man. I fell to the floor while looking up to the man and his head was down facing the floor. He raised his hand to rearrange the glasses on his nose to look up at me and I wanted to scream as I saw the blackness of his eyes peer into my soul but no sound came out of my lungs.

Several more men in white shirts and ties walked around me to grab my arms as I kicked and crawled to get away from the men but they overpowered me with their strength in numbers. I was tied down to a chair with bands that held my arms and legs against the chair reframing from any movement that I could make and when all was lost I stopped struggling. I lowered my head as I attempted to catch my breath trying to figure out what was going to happen to me as the men dragged the chair behind them. I looked back up to see the man I ran into looking down to several pieces of paper in his hands nodding as if nothing was good in the world.

Sounds of riots echoed through the halls as we continued further down the one I was in and as I looked from side to side I could see people behind their closed doors screaming and pounding while looking at me with such intensity through the tiny windows of their rooms. The men who were pulling me along stopped and as the man in front of me caught up with me he bent down to look at me from my point of view and smiled as he looked into my eyes.

'You gave us quite a scare there you know? If only you could talk, then there would be so much we could learn from you but I digress.' He stood back up and addressed the men who were behind me. 'Put him back into solitary. And I want to know how he got out in the first place! I'll talk to you men in the morning.' The men rolled my chair into a room full of cushions and closed the door behind them. The click of the locks sounded as if they were my death wish and I wished that I couldn't hear another noise in my life but seconds after they left a slight ticking on the other side of the door began. The monster rose up to look through the tiny window and stared at me and continued till I fell asleep. 

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