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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It Starts With One Thing

It starts with a kiss, 
then a smile. 
You wait for the days,

You act like a sin,
so cold and reposed. 
The water is thick now,
its past your toes. 

But the father of you,
so sick of smiles,
locks you away,
For a long while. 
Till your skin is so pale,
but soft to the touch. 
The beauty is free,
The beauty isn't luck

You wait for the father,
The father of lies.
You sting the cold heart,
With another crude smile. 
He grows angry and cold,
your what he detests. 
The hate he consumes
bursts right out his chest. 

Isn't this what you wanted?
Said the father of lies. 
I see it in your heart,
I see it in your eyes. 

But you are now one,
that I cannot consume.  
We are one now,
it happened so soon. 

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 24: Linchpin Collapse


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Previously on Listening For That Sweet Tune:

I nodded my head in appreciation of the sweet sounds that passed through my ears; yet, I could not place the tune that echoed through the halls. It had eight notes from a pair of violins da de da de da do da da every four seconds while on top of that was eight notes of ascending piano baum four seconds baum two seconds baum one seconds baum one second baum one seconds baum four seconds baum two seconds baum one second before next measure. Occasionally I could hear a deep drum or another violin playing another tune on top of the other two but the first two prevailed over the rest

As the sound grew in intensity I could hear yelling and screaming behind all the doors to the individual rooms. Everything was becoming hell again, something I have seen many times before. The doors to the hallway started shaking in there frames like something behind them was trying to get out but I was scared to see what was on the other side--it could be something that wants to kill me. Then I saw it. The thing that always comes when something bad is about to happen. The couple that dances on the ceiling above my head. Dancing with all their elegance that comes hand in hand with each other. The man grabbing her waist and the woman resting her hands on his shoulders twisting and turning to the beautiful tunes and sounds of music. 

My throat became dry because I stood in amazement that they had returned at this moment in time. The woman wore a dress of silky white but something was peculiar about her. I saw blood dripping down her leg as if she was cut from something but no limp followed her as she gracefully danced with her partner. Neither of them noticed the blood trail that was behind them as it was staining the ceiling every little move at a time. They continued down the hall towards the door that I saw everyone enter and I followed cautiously looking around every corner towards other hallways.

For seconds at a time I could see flashes of creatures and people walking down the hall towards me. Their faces were torn apart and clothes ripped like their skin underneath. Then the stares towards me, I was not welcome anymore--they made that clear enough. I hurried up my pace down the hall to look down another set of intersecting halls. Everyone was running towards me crazed and doomed with their deathly stares. I looked back forward to see the dancing couple turn into the same room that everyone entered just by phasing through the wall I began to run towards the door as I saw the flickering images run into the hall I was in. 

The floor the figures stood on began to turn a bright red like the ground beneath them was melting from the heat of their bodies. Those who were following me slowed down their pace as they began to head towards me again, something like a brisk walk. They knew they had me, I had nowhere to go and as I turned around to look down the hall in front of me another group of creatures was heading my direction. The music gained in intensity as I hastened up my pace and for seconds at a time they disappeared and I thought that they weren't coming back but they constantly flashed back looking even madder then they were previously. 

I approached the door that everyone entered to find that it was locked as I rushed to find the keys that would open the door. I must have left them in the other room. I took a few steps back and rammed my shoulder into the door but it didn't budge. I looked both ways seeing that the people coming towards me were now only a few feet away. I closed my eyes and braced myself expecting that I was going to get tackled to the ground but the shuffling of footsteps stopped right beside me along with the music. 

I opened my eyes to see the floor, cracks from there foot cracked with heat underneath me but I couldn't feel anything through my shoes. I took a short glimpse to my left to see something that resembled a Minotaur standing firm on the ground. It was as if steam was exhaled from his nostrils as I looked at him ever so slightly. I was surrounded but surprisingly they weren't making any moves.

I inhaled deeply hoping that the door was unlocked as I was reaching for it and to my surprise it was. I swung the door open and walked inside the room leaving a little gap from the open door. I closed the door as soon as I was inside and I saw the crowd that was surrounding me were getting as close to the door as they could. Soon as the door was closed I looked through the peephole to see a couple of eyes looking back at me. I backed away from the door hoping that they would just go away. 

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Amicus Est Tanquam Alter Idem Pt. 8

By: Amy Scheibe

Long ago in the spring, 

if my mind suffices, 
there lived a girl, 
by whose heart was consumed, 
in a trapessing rue. 
She longed for someone,
to inherit her love. 
Heedlessly time after time, 
she fell into noisome romances,
that never seemed to traverse forward.
Again and again she was hurt, 
but there was someone who was with her, 
through the daunting times. 
He wore a dark mantle, 
and his eyes were profound against his pallid skin. 
He wrote words of such passion, 
that no mortal should be able. 
His lips were as a lyre..
and gentle. 
He was vigil, 
and graceful, 
and most incredibly... 
He always lended the girl his hand, 
and although he had a somber past, 
his heart always had more to offer. 

After many months of devouring writhen memories, 
the twain finally turned their countenances, 
towards each other. 
In one anothers eyes they found vivid ardor. 
As they intwined their fingers, 
they forbode a long,
and astonishing future destined by fate itself.

Remember them.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 23: Welcome To Belle's Dawn Pt. 3


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Previously on Listening For That Sweet Tune:

Trying not to trip over the rubble that was in front of me, I rushed down the street hoping that Concord Manor would show up soon before it was to late. Large steps hitting the ground crashed behind me but I was sure that—could it be? Odious wasn't aware of where I was. A larger black sign appeared in the distance, as I grew closer to it. When I got in readable view I stopped and read the hold lettering frantically knowing that my life depended on it. 

'Concord Manor, the rest place for the gods, on your next left'

Rest place for the gods? What is that supposed to mean? Regardless I continued to rush forward knowing who or what was behind me wasn't going to be kind to visitors. A few minutes passed then I saw a brick pathway to my left with a large black metal gate in the distance. Above the entrance to the main gate read Concord Manor. I pushed myself through the opening of chained shut gate--enough room for me to get through but not enough for Odious. 

Even through the fog I could see the bright green lawn and hedges that frames the house perfectly in front of me. The building was covered in fine dark bricks and dark hardwood that complemented the surroundings perfectly. Unlike the rest of the buildings, Concord Manor wasn't boarded up except for the chained gate, I listened to hear if Odious was in the distance but his steps only grew more muffled as he was walking away from where I was presently at.

The front door was solid and rich in grains of wood, a little steel knocker sat in the middle of the door as I lifted it up I noticed the strike plate was a face—of what I could guess—of a demon or some sort of ferocious animal. The artist’s detail to its fine teeth and eyes was astonishing I felt guilty hitting the knocker against it. I hit it three times then backed a few steps away from the door, not sure what I expected but I was guessing that something was going t answer the door. It was quiet, ever more quiet than before. I heard no stirring on the other side of the door so I guess it was safe to assume that the boat captain’s son was in fact dead. 

I shuffled my feet for a few minutes as I tried to figure out what to do but in the distance the noises of Odious grew louder to the very sound. I broke out in a sweat wondering what to do then I saw the silhouette of the creature in the distance, lurking from step to step while swaying in the wind. He was taller than any building in town and he was almost as thick as the street as he leaned up against all the buildings and took pressure off his right leg. He was limping as he continued forward but before he got any closer to me I ran towards the front door and tried to shove myself inside. It was locked. I quickly regained my composure and ran around the building into the back yard, if I were quiet he wouldn't know that I was here. I jumped the wooden gate—which was locked as well—and pushed my self against it on the other side. 

I listened as Odious moaned and yelled as he made his way down the street and passed me. I sighed in relief that he was just walking around looking for something rather than looking for me. He was more roaming though I'm not sure how much longer he could do that on the account of his leg. Sounds of things being crushed sounded in the distance as I thought that I was glad that I wasn't on the other end of his foot. I soon began to roam myself in the backyard of Concord Manor. Like the front hedges and green grass littered my view and a swimming pool sat in the middle of the yard equipped with diving board and slides. Looking at the back of the building I saw that the rear wall was almost made entirely of glass windows and glass doors making my whole getting inside much easier. On my way over I grabbed a loose paver that was on the ground with the intention of breaking the windows if they weren't locked but much like the rest of the building it was solid. 

Shattering the glass door, I reached through to the other side and unmatched the door so I could get inside but as my arm receded from the opening of the window I rubbed it ever so slightly against the edge cutting a portion of my forearm. I didn't notice this cut, however, till it started to drip on my shoes. From the inside of the windows was a set of white drapes that was hanging down and dragging against the floor. I took a piece of glass from the broken door and cut a long strip of cloth so I could wrap it around my arm to stop the bleeding, I'm sure the drapes wouldn't be missed too much. 

On the other side of the windows was the dining hall. A long and wide table stretched the entire length of the room leaving few feet between the walls and the table as along the walls were several dressers full of china and nick-knacks allowing little to no room left between the walls and table. I continued forward to walk through the industrialized kitchen full of duplicates of appliances that were covered in stainless steel. On the counter in the middle of the kitchen was a row of cutlery, I wasn't sure what to expect so I grabbed one of the smallest knives I could find, a pearling knife with a steel handle. I put it in my pocket then continued out of the kitchen and into the front room. A desk was to my left as a wall of photography's were to my right as directly in front of me was the front door that I was trying to get through only moments earlier. 

Walking up to the front desk I noticed the little bell to ring for assistance and rung it twice hoping that someone would come to help me—only silence followed. To the right of the desk was a set of old elevators and to the left was an old staircase, both of which looked unstable and unreliable but the stairs looked safer. Behind the desk were sets of keys hanging on the wall and one in particular that held many; I grabbed it thinking to myself 'these will come in handy.' Walking up the steps I could hear a little creak with every step coming from the loose nails in the floorboards. Each step was made cautiously from a fear of the ground collapsing from underneath me but as the time came when I reached the second floor landing I realized that nothing was to fear. As I headed down the hallway everything became more improved; the black and white carpet was new the dark brown walls has no dings or chips in them and the doors were solid and made out of hard wood. The first door came up to my right and I positioned myself right in front of it and twisted the knob—it was locked. Reaching into my back pocket for the large key ring I placed the first key into the lock and with avail it was the right one. 

The carpets soon turned red but not from blood, red swirls in a white background lined the floors and framed the walls perfectly taking a few more steps in I saw two beds on the left wall as a sink and a door led in the right—the place was empty. I walked out of the room to head directly across the hall to the next door and to my surprise the first key worked for this door as well but as I looked inside I realized that it was the same as the room before. As I left this room I heard a noise above me as if someone was running; I hurried into the hall and up the stairs hoping that I could catch a glimpse of who was running. Tripping over some steps I still hurried to the top of the staircase and when I could see down the hall I heard a door towards the end of the hall slam shut.

I cautiously moved forward hoping that no one was going to attack me from around any corners as I passed the first door I saw a reflection of an eye on the other side of the door through the peep hole. I hurried to the door and started knocking as hard as I could but there was no response, looking back through the peephole the person had left to somewhere else in the room.

I took out my keys in a hurry hoping that the first key would work for this door as well but regrettably it was not, neither was any other key. A bright light shined from behind me and looking towards the door across the hall a bright light was occurring from the other side of the door. Trying all the keys again I was confronted with a still locked door, I backed up a few steps and kicked the door and after a few blows the door started cracking, after a few more the door was blown wide open. 

No one was inside and whatever the light was; it was gone now. I heard some childlike laughter behind me and as I turned around I saw the bottom of someone’s feet pass the doorway and run down the hall. When I got a chance to look out I saw the child run into the same room as before. I took a glimpse to my right and noticed that the way I took up was now walled off with bricks. I stood there in astonishment for a minute’s time trying to comprehend what was going on but much like before, it was unexplainable. A sound soon began through the walls of the halls, it was as if I was standing right next to the player but nothing else stood in the hallway I was quiet at first but increased in volume as the minutes went by it was candy to my ears like some sweet tune.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 23: Welcome To Belle's Dawn Pt. 2


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Previously on Listening For That Sweet Tune:

I started to head down the center of the road as I took out the map out of my pocket. After looking at it for a few minutes I realized that Concord Manor was on the other side of the city but there were only a dozen roads that were in the city, which made it rather small. As the steps got further into the center I realized that the buildings got larger like they were before previously but as things became grander, the focus of a now apocalyptic wasteland became apparent. Abandoned cars left with there doors open littered the road and bones of many people littered the streets like a silver lining to a short story—it only made things worse. 

Closer I got to the center, the more I realized that the fog was letting up letting me to see the tops of buildings I looked up and smoke barreled from out of the windows which were on fire. No craters of a nuclear bomb or artillery strikes were on either the roads or the buildings but it became apparent that something big toppled the buildings instead of an all out war in front of me blocking my passage to the center of the city. It felt like I was walking to the exact direction that danger was.

Crawling under the rubble of one of the buildings I realized that now I was in the center. Large buildings with long staircases and marble pillars circled a large courtyard that I was now entering. In the center of this courtyard was another black pillar that brought stress through my veins all over again. It was as if it was the same one as before, like it was following me. Large thick tiles circled the pillar out several feet till it reached a series of columns that were equidistant apart from each other circled the central pillar. 

I looked out in the distance to see what resembled the capital building that didn't differ to far from the look of an amphitheater in Athens but a large circular dome sat in the center as the roof. This circular roof had sections that were blown clean off as black smoke rose from the holes that were inside the building. The winds grew to be strong in this center area as I heard the whistle of large gusts in the distance but I stayed as close as I could to the buildings outside the center. If this was similar the thing that created The Wretched that I met before then it would be best for me to steer clear of whatever that pillar was. 

I looked down to a nearby street sign that was toppled over on the ground. Wiping off the dust off the sign it read 'Oak'. I looked down to my map again to see that Willow was only a few streets to my right as I continued to head that direction around the courtyard. A rumbling from underneath me sounded to create a deep rushing sound as I began to walk through puddles of water. As I got a better view of the courtyard at another angle I saw that several people lay just outside the columns that were surrounding the pillar. Pools of red filled the spaces between the tiles that the bodies lied on and traveled down an apparent decline towards where I was heading. Knives were near there hands and I could only guess that a mass suicide took place in front of the central pillar—something to appease there god? 

The pools of water I was walking in gradually turned reddish till it was all I could see below me. I passed another street and as I looked down it I saw the incoming fog that was rolling down the streets as if a damn just broke open forcing water to push throughout the city—I hastened up my pace. More rumbling sounded from underneath me but this time I knew it wasn't a busted water main as it shook the ground beneath my feet. I looked further to my right and the sign that read  'Willow' was only several yards away from me.

I pushed myself away from the buildings that were behind me and rushed directly to the street to where I was headed. Looking quickly to my right to another passing street in which the fog was barreling down and then I looked to my left to see the pillar start to light up and raise its black corrupting vines that infected the air it touched like ivy growing up a wall. I turned on Willow to begin heading down the road but soon as my eyes were back in front of me I hit a wall of fog which nearly put me to my feet not by blocking the road but the damp smell off blood and rust got me coughing out my lungs. 

As I attempted to catch my breath I looked behind me again to see the pillar glowing under the currently present thin fog but then I saw it. It was as if it was lying down inside the capital building but it was large. Arms and then a face reached out of one of the largest holes that were in the roof. Black. That's all it was. Black arms, black face, black eyes, its as if it was sucking out the rays of the sun creating a more dull appearance of the sun then it screamed. Like before it was as if a call of a ferocious beast but something about it was remarkably human, it sounded as if it was in pain. In distress or not I scrambled back up to an upright pose and backed away down Willow hoping that I would find Concord Manor before that beast found me. 

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