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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 23: Welcome To Belle's Dawn Pt. 1


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Previously on Listening For That Sweet Tune:

Whatever his name was, that man that was boarding with me, he was something else. At times I thought that he couldn't even be real. He couldn't be. He had a likeness of me on almost every way it was disturbing and I couldn't help but think 'Am I seeing myself in this man?'. I keep calling him a man, he's far from it—but what could he be? He could even be The Wretched in human form. Swaying me to change my thoughts, to change my steps—I need to get out of here. I looked around the lighthouse to pack my things but I realized that I had nothing of my own.

The days began to blend in with each other as the hours past. I couldn't even remember how long it has been since I last fell asleep; days, weeks? I was tired but if it kept my evil away then it was well worth it, i had no intention to hurt another being ever again. I had no money to my name not even any luggage other than the clothes on my back, a memento from Moony and a small key that goes to god knows what. I haven't eaten for what seems like weeks--I have to get out of this. My wounds were all healed now and there was no complications of infection to my surprise along with scar tissue little to none. Me and that man never talked, he was always outside on the roofed porch watching the waves or counting his toes--though I did the same--we were always a few worlds apart. 

At times I ventured through the house to see the strange things that were within the walls that covered all that lies within. Pictures of a happy family littered the walls and a bedroom that belonged to an infant gave chills down my spine—this room was covered in blood before.  In the top room of the lighthouse lies a map with a view that overlooked the bay and within the map are various landmarks that I have seen and am yet to see but no names of the places were legible. To the East of this building is another city much like the one I was in before but it was alongside the ocean. In bold red letters on the map it reads 'Ride your way along the waves to paradise'. This was where I was going to go to find the visionary that claims to know so much. I packed the map to go with me and I set off along the coast, there was no need for a goodbye. 

I was quiet on my way out but soon as the door closed to the house it felt like the house went through its hell again. I walked away while keeping my eye on the house and before I knew it, hands were placed on the windows again, watching, waiting, but I'm not going back to that grave. Crashing of glass and screaming echoed through the thin windows. Whoever really lived there was well aware of the happenings in this home and oddly enough I'm sure the family welcomed it with their open arms. I walked down to the beach and started to head east, the city looked to be a few days walk but I'm sure the time would go by fast. 

      You don't think about how much you live on your sight till it leaves you. The fog grew thicker than the days in the past resulting for me to grow forever confused but I knew I was heading the right direction and that's what mattered the most to me. Walking along the ocean I could swear that I could hear marine life but as I looked out to the ocean I could only think that everything was dead. The gaze that the man gave me kept reflecting in my mind as I continued to walk forward. It would be best that he wouldn't know where I was going. 

The stars were something that I missed but then again could I miss what I haven't seen? I know I've heard about them and I remember seeing them before I woke up in Serenity's midst but I never have actually seen them since. Like I was trapped on another world, one without stars and the comfort of a home. The sun seemed smaller than what I remembered like I was further away from it but in order to tell in actuality you wouldn't be a few feet away but hundred thousands of feet away because of the colossal size of celestial bodies—wherever I was, it was no longer my home.  I constantly looked behind me along my way to make sure I wasn't followed—I wasn't—but no matter what I did I was sure that The Wretched was only a few steps behind me. It was quiet and since this whole thing started I never once felt peace in my soul as I continued forward on my ever-changing path. It was the calm before the storm; I knew it for a fact. An underlying feeling beneath my skin pulsed in wait for the new events that was going to happen before me. I knew I haven't seen anything yet; The Wretched wanted me to suffer and it hadn't even started yet. 

Something big sounded from behind me when I was taking a rest from walking, as if it was crashing through the trees. Crackling and popping sounded above me as I looked up all I could see was fog. Then growling echoed in the distance from a large predator; roars and screams of many things at once from animals and maybe even a woman. I shivered to the thought of what it could be so I began to hasten my pace and before to long I began to enter the city limits. I didn't think it would follow me but who's to tell? I'm sure there are no rules for the daemons that follow me. 

To contrary to the city I was in before, the buildings here were smaller all being one to two story buildings as the buildings in the latter were mansions and skyscrapers. Everything was built to withstand large waves and other natural disasters as all the windows and doors were boarded for there own safety but just as before, it was deserted with the exception of daytime hallucinations. I could hear the rumbling of a crowd in what appeared to be an open marketplace but only sound appeared to me; everything was run down and broken into a ruin. 

'Hey! Over here!' I heard in the distance. 'Follow the sound of my voice!' I turned around a few times occasionally pausing trying to determine the sound through the thickness of the fog. I began to walk forward hoping the sound would get louder—gradually, it did. I began to see a small dark figure waving its arms at me in the distance towards one of the docks. 'Right here! I'm right here!' As soon as I was able to make out his face his expression towards me changed. 'Who are you? You aren't who I was looking for.'

'I'm sorry to disappoint I was just walking along the road till you flagged me down.' I said. 'Where am I?' The old mans eyes widened after I asked my question. 

'Your in the throat of evil my boy and its best that you get out while you still can, reckoning is upon us!'

'What’s happened here? What's going on?' I was hoping to finally get some answers. 

'You're in the land known as Belle's Dawn my friend but I'm sure you already knew that! Tragedy took over this place not to long ago and now were facing the repercussions of our actions. We didn't believe when we were warned and now we have to pay! Me and my son, we were gathering our supplies to make it across the ocean to join the others but my son, he never returned! Help me find my son!' I was in over my head but for the first time I felt I knew what to do. 

'I need to cross as well, I will find your son if you let me join you.'

'Of course, of course!' He shook my hand frantically.      'But if he's dead, please bring me something that I can remember him by, I'm afraid he's already gone.'

'What’s here? What could have killed him?' I asked. 

'Odious my friend, the evil that surrounds this place.'

'Who is Odious?' I asked. 

'Please hurry, please find what's left of my son before its to late.'

'Who is Odious?' I asked again. 

'He's one of The Wretched! Like Fey or Bale who came before him or Malicious or Anathema or—.' I stopped him before he could continue. 

'I met Anathema not to long ago, he had no desire to kill me.'

'Then there is a special place reserved in Hell just for you my friend.' He turned around to walk towards his boat leaving me in the fog. 'Head down that road till you reach the cities center, from there take Willow to Concord Manor, my son should be there gathering the last of our things. Please be careful!'

Anathema wanted me to understand, something I would not expect the likes of him to do. Why? Was there something he saw in me, if I can even call him a he? If so then where does that put me? Some locker in the fifth circle of Hell? Either way I didn't fear Odious, whatever he was--sounds like some big bully. 

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