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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 1: A Simple Beginning

     My mind flashes images across the scene showing images and text to fast to make sense of what was being shown. I see myself walking in a dark alley, I hear a man scream, and I rush to see what was the noise. Upon turning the corner, I never officially saw what was there to present itself to me. Now I am in a meadow. I look around to see tall grass shifting in the wind, with the bright blue sky I can see for miles. I close my eyes and breathe in deeply; I can smell various amounts of flowers and wildlife mixing them together just to throw me off of the differences between them. I open my eyes again and the field that once represented itself to me as gods great gift is now in cinders. A fire surrounds me and off in the distance I can see the silhouette of a tree fall down to the burning ground. I turn around and everything turns blue.

     Apparently I have had no need to breathe. In seconds I find myself underwater swimming to the surface, about to give up a hand from the surface grabs me and pulls me upon a large ship. When I finally reached the top deck, I finally caught my breath and while trying to see through the black blotches that asphyxiation had to offer, I was pushed to the ground. When I got to my knees I heard yelling, but not legible. It was like everyone was speaking in slow motion. I opened my eyes and I saw a rather large man in front of me pointing a gun at a young woman who was bound in front of me. I always wait for the flash of a new scene before me, but it never changes. Within seconds the young woman falls to the ground, all chaos goes quiet and the man walks to me. Finally it struck home, my hardened heart of a Pharisee screamed for what was lost and I started to cry. The man crouches to see me at my level and I see sympathy, its almost as if that he was the one that received the bullet. He watches me closely, my eyes meet his and he gets up to face away from me. I look around the boat and everything once brand new now turns rusty and worn. I looked at the man again and he didn’t seem to notice anything.

     A bone chilling scream plays through the air and everything I see starts to fall apart the ship rocks as if its sinking but the man stands firm as if I was only going crazy. He turns around and walks towards me at goes down to my level again, puts his mouth to my ear and says ‘7, 16, 6, 21, 14. She would be proud.’ He pushes me on my back and took a shot to the chest, the blood never felt more real, and all at once I realized. Nothing will be perfect, but at the time the blood flowed out of the internal body, it couldn’t have been a more perfect timing. Curtains draw, lights grow brighter and my story begins.

Next up in Listening For That Sweet Tune:

Chapter 2: The Awakening

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