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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Child: Entry 35

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The Beginning:

Previously on The Child

She might as well have cut all the way through her arm; white shined from the open gashes and it only took moments to realize that the white was bone. I looked back up to her and I noticed that she started to cry as her mascara and eyeliner began to smudge further down her face. She never returned her gaze to me though; her eyes were fixed on her open cuts. Even though it was very deep I couldn’t see any fresh blood pumping through her veins, everything was dry and empty, maybe her soul was too. 

'I never meant to cut this deep, it just felt so good.' She sighed. 

'Why aren't you healing up? Ville can do that. ' I asked. 

'The whole immaculation process is different for a woman than it is a man. A man has to make massive cuts through the center of the body but immaculation consumes men more than a woman. A woman only has to make a few smaller cuts because it doesn't consume us, it's more like a companion but since it doesn't fill our body, we don't heal as fast but we do heal faster than someone who isn't immaculated.'

'Why is it different like that?'

'There are many theories. Many say that when they see Wretched it appears that it's a woman and its kinder to her own gender but others say its because its a tolerance in our genes so we can have a natural childbirth. I'm not sure exactly.' I was staring at her wrists as she was talking and I could see muscles weave in and out of her arms covering up her bones. I responded. 

'Its not so bad, you don't have to cry, you're healing just fine.' 

'Its not that I won't heal it's that I promised my father not to go overboard. He warns me all the time that going to far will only get wretched inside of you that much more. I can't help it.' I heard a thump behind me and I turned around to see Emily's sister with a big piece of luggage right beside her. 

'You’re twins?' I asked. Both of them laughed as Emmanuel walked around me while placing her hands on my shoulders. 

'Of course we are sweetie, we couldn't have it any other way.' Emmanuel had a slight deeper voice than her sister and it looked like she was wearing the same kind of dress but it was red instead of white. Small cuts covered her cheeks all the way down her arms to her legs. 'You checking me out Emery?' Emmanuel giggled. 'You know. I like a man who knows what he likes and takes it.' Emily straightened out her back and started to walk towards me to grab my hand and pull me away from her sister.  

'We must hurry, before mother is finished with Ville. We need to get out before its to late.' Emmanuel sighed and nodded towards her sister and pointed to the luggage. 

'That’s for you Emery, it contains some clothes and various other objects.' I grabbed it and picked it up with my free hand as Emily was tugging on my other hand with all her strength. She stopped back at the elevator and pushed a button, which opened the doors immediately. Emmanuel followed us and took her position near my other arm in which was carrying the luggage. She pried it out of my hand to sit it on the ground next to her as she wrapped her body around my arm and pushed up against me—the same thing Emily was doing to my other arm and the elevator doors closed. 

When the doors opened again I realized that we were back on the main floor to see various vaulted ceilings and flying buttresses and red ribbons hanging from the ceiling. Both Emily and Emmanuel pushed me forward with their latches to my arms as Emmanuel grabbed my luggage but kept a tight grip on me. They both leaned into me as if they were trying to crush my core but as the time passed I could only feel homely. Passing several people they gave us odd glances and murmured with each other, for a second I could hear the word 'victim'.

These two beautiful girls could not have been leading me to my death but I can see why they think that way according to the Halstein's past. They were taking me to a place somewhere safe. Somewhere where nobody could find me. The floor turned into precise diamond shaped marble tiles and one of the girls feet echoed through the halls. Emily was barefooted but as I looked down to Emmanuel's feet, I noticed that she was wearing some fine black high heels. 

The place was well guarded from what I could tell, we passed several guard checkpoints before I even had the chance to see the front doors to the outside but as we grew near to one of the checkpoints the guards looked at us not even moving a step towards us. I guess if you are with family you aren't considered a threat. An entire wall of glass was now in front of us and I could tell that on the other side was the outside world. The sun busted through the panes and all I could see on the other side of the windows was white, the brightness of the sun. 

The air inside of the building smelt damp and rotten but when I was able to reach my head outside I could smell flowers and nice spring air. It was the end of winter when I first left my father, the ride on his Triumph was blistering with the ice-cold winds but now, now everything was warm and soft to the touch. Fine stone blocks lined the outside of the building and columns reached up a hundred feet high, water fountains and little rivers flowed around the tower and the grass was as green as anyone could imagine. Someone takes care of this place very well, like it was his only daughter, he loved it with every beat of his heart. 

We continued forward to cross over a concrete bridge and into a plaza, on the other side everything that was once vast and open crunched down to narrow alleyways of markets and tall business buildings. I could see that from nearly almost every building smoke and steam raised up to the sky and the greatness of industry took over. I looked behind me to see several tall skyscrapers towering up into the sky and long grass fields passed in between them and in front of me laid everything but peace.

'Nobody will find you in here Emery.' Said Emily. 'We will take care of you now and you will have a place to call your own I just ask you to do one thing.'

'What’s that?' I asked

'Never return to the capitol building no matter the cost, if you ever do it will become your grave.'

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