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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Child: Entry 34

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The Beginning:

Previously on The Child

The elevator dinged telling me that I was on floor 61 B and though I was expecting everything to be dark and black, I wasn't surprised to see many shades of red and blue instead. Right out of the elevator was a rather large round room with twelve-foot ceilings with scattered ribbons on the walls above me. Directly in front of me on the other side of the room was an arched hallway that went on for several feet into another room. To my left and right were two more identical hallways leading to other rooms as well. Lining the hallways were various stone statues of scantily clad women; some didn't even have clothes but all were wearing similar looking masks. 

Old renascence Venetian masks covered the faces of these statues. Some were square, others round but nearly all of them were blank, covered in white and that was it. It seemed peaceful but I could only feel chaos in my mind; the eyes that were carved in stone were something else. Looking closely at one of the statues I realized that nothing was done to the pupils of the eyes so the entirety of the eye was just one solid shape. This made me think of Ville and the thing that he could do with his own eyes, to turn them into a vacuum of nothing, pitch black. The masks weren't stone though, porcelain for most, paper mâché for the rest, all of which were painted white. 

I remained on my toes as I headed down the central hallway that laid directly in front of the elevator. The main round room was fairly well lighted but the hallways steadied themselves with a low glow of light. As I made myself midway between the first round room and the next I could begin to make out what was in the room I was heading to. On top of a rather large table that sit—from what it appeared to be—in the center of the oncoming room I noticed that something large was laying on it. My first thought was a body—it's what I have seen in the past and nothing has changed—but it could have been an animal. It was smaller than an average person would be but from the lights that stood only a few feet above it I couldn't make out anything definitive. 

Like a patient ready for surgery, something was waiting patiently on the operation table; waiting to be cut open or even worse, just to die. A few steps closer and I began to hear a slight melody; it took me a few seconds to realize that someone was humming it from around the corner of the room. Now that I was only a few feet away from the entrance I could see within the room and distinguish what was on the table. There were a few spotlights pointing up the walls to illuminate the rest of the room and the sight wasn't greeting me with hospitality. The walls looked like white paneling that segregated every eight feet and large pieces of paper hanged from every corner of the room. On these papers that covered the walls were charcoal drawings of buildings, people—naked and clothed—scenery and the most unsettling of all, me. With all the shades of black and grey, another colour stained the paper. It was red and my only assumption could be blood, that is the nature of these people and it would only seem fitting. 

On top of the table was a petite woman that could have been twenty. Long dark brown hair stretched past her shoulders towards her waist and a small skimpy white dress rested on her shoulders and down her body. Before I stepped into the room the humming of another stopped and a loud bang echoed through the halls. Looking at the woman in the table no flinching occurred and a smile began on her face. Even though it was bright on the small woman I could tell one other colour on the woman, more red. She was bleeding and my best guess would be her arms and wrists but with her palms down and to the sides of her I couldn't be for sure. 

'My daddy told me you were coming, I'm sorry I wasn't able to clean myself up, everything happened last minute.' She turned her head towards me and black filled her eyes as mascara and eyeliner smeared down her cheeks. 'I'm sorry where's my manners, I'm Emily. My sister, Emmanuel, just left the room to clean herself up. You look scared Emery, I'm not going to hurt you.' She sat up and twisted her legs over the table to dangle them down towards me. 'Here. Let me fix something.' She closed her eyes, looked up and breathed in heavy. After a few seconds she opened her eyes and looked at me. Soft green with a mix of brown. She looked so innocent with her stare and her eyes being as such, everything else gleamed. Bright red lips, simply pale skin but rosy cheeks, she was beautiful. 

‘See? I'm not so bad.' She got up onto her feet and walked a few steps towards me. A blood trail followed her and dropped from her arms to down her legs and she whispered. 'Look, I'm bleeding.' She raised her arms directly in front of her to show me with her arms fully extended. I broke my gaze from into her eyes and on her arms. It was traumatic. 

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