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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spin and Shout

Starting in the next few months I am going to start posting a considerable amount of short stories throughout the upcoming year. At that time it would be a year since my last short story The Man Who Cured The World. If you know of my general themes and what I stick to I would also accept ideas or questions about the universe I am creating in my writing to write further into.

Additionally, on January 1st I will have a new chapter to every single one of my current stories. Those stories follow: First And Last, Listening For That Sweet Tune, The Child, -Somnia, It Happened On A Tuesday.

We spin,

and shout,

as we dance around the fire

I twist,

and turn,

as I search for words for you.

I try,

to tend,

to the broken hearted.

We sit,

and wait,

for the early departure.

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  1. beautiful poem! I am looking forward to reading your other chapters!