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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It Starts With One Thing

It starts with a kiss, 
then a smile. 
You wait for the days,

You act like a sin,
so cold and reposed. 
The water is thick now,
its past your toes. 

But the father of you,
so sick of smiles,
locks you away,
For a long while. 
Till your skin is so pale,
but soft to the touch. 
The beauty is free,
The beauty isn't luck

You wait for the father,
The father of lies.
You sting the cold heart,
With another crude smile. 
He grows angry and cold,
your what he detests. 
The hate he consumes
bursts right out his chest. 

Isn't this what you wanted?
Said the father of lies. 
I see it in your heart,
I see it in your eyes. 

But you are now one,
that I cannot consume.  
We are one now,
it happened so soon. 

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