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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Settle Down

Settle down,
settle down the reigns that hold your soul
and wait for tomorrow. 
Carry me,
my heavy hearts thats made of stone,
that travels shallow waters. 
It's you who is closest. 
I may loose my way
but it will be our day. 
Hold on,
Hold on the ones that you love,
the ones who are closest. 
Save me,
I am surfacing right below the sea,
I'm holding up water. 
It's you who is nearest
I may loose my way,
but it will be our day. 
There's enough words to say,
this feeling has to stay. 
I might crash along the waves at sea.
Me and you are meant to be. 
You can feel your hands through my hair. 
Loving you has got me so near. 
To loving things,
beyond my control. 
To holding things,
that break up my world. 
For keeping sights and sounds,
I don't know why. 
It is me and you,
this gracious night. 

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