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Saturday, November 16, 2019

At the Bottom of Everything

I put my things away.
I remembered,
all those things,
you said to me,
that digs a hole,
straight through,
the core of me. 

I spent that weekend in my car,
and drank enough for two. 
I felt I was nailed upon the cross,
trying to get to the bottom,
of everything,
and the bottle. 

One of these days. 
I’ll clean up. 
I’ll be ready to make my family proud.
But for now, 
I’ll search the bottom,
of everything,
and the bottle. 

All because of you,
when I dream a dream,
I drown in the ocean. 
As I pick up those words,
that you used to get to,
the bottom of everything. 
As I look through this bottle,
I think I see the ocean,
so it might be best,
to drown myself for a while. 
Till I get to the bottom of everything,
and maybe a bottle.

Remember me 

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