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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Miss Mathews

Way long ago,
I was betrayed,
stabbed in the back,
by your half faced friends.
This is what you wanted,
don’t turn around,
I will not take this anymore,

She went by Miss Mathews,
she stuffed me with chains,
seeking to grant me,
the next tyrant.
This is what you wanted,
so don't turn around,
Miss Mathews.
Crawling in the darkness,
the best you could do,
Miss Mathews.

Miss Mathews,
You're so cold,
you lead on the contrary. 
In the night,
like a hawk,
the mice think you're so scary.
You go on,
with what you do.
It goes on and on and on. 

Miss Mathews,
you're so chill
even to,
all the subzero divers. 
Take a pill, 
for this cold,
it will get you higher. 
Till you find out,
what is lingering,
under your shell. 
It may just bring the world hell. 

You're a liar,
and a cheat,
through and through,
Miss Mathews. 
With your arms crossed,
and your legs spread, 
so the men will all be fed. 
But what do you see?

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