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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Teenaged Years

Razor blades and poetry. 

Night when you,
observed the sky,
on a swing. 

I never thought,
You could stand me

Sleepless nights and meaningfull words. 

We traded songs 
and flirted with girls. 

We parted ways,
Why? I'm not sure. 

Camping out, in our parents back yard. 

We ran around,
and played games, 
till it was dawn

Slept all day,
though we still,
craved more.

Hateful words and broken promises. 

Spent my lunch,
playing in a band. 

Lost some friends,
though they were,
the string. 

That held my noose, keeping me dry. 
This is the first, and the last time. 

I feel I'm ahead. 
Keeping my feet on the ground. 
You called and you said,
Don't be fleeing me now. 

I let my heart to consume. 
The feelings that I had. 
I feel better now. 
Than I ever have. 

I needed you too. 
Though my lips were sealed. 
I'm just that kind of man. 
And my feelings for you, can never be heard.

Though I'm happy. 

Remember me

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