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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Right Here Where I Lay

There is a decision, I have made,
to edulge in fear and bathe in pain.
I’m misunderstood, why is this so bad?
Its my choice of life, I created the new fad.
But I haven’t always wanted to be this way,
there was once a light, life once played.
There was a girl who showed me the way,
she told me to live she told me to stay. 

I know now that she wasn’t right,
her dress turned black, as adrak as night.
She was in a beautiful black dress,
but all I saw was white.
You showed me the way, which is now false. 
I now lie head down, 
body like a cross.

Now as I let my life unfold,
I see the light now.
This is my path, 
right here where I lay

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