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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Apostates Sedition Part 1: Fruition

Lo and behold I, a man of a simple life have seen many visions of the past, the future, and the present. There is much to behold in this world we have found ourselves in and with the simple activation of the Gods Metal me and my fellow men have discovered several new aquisitions. 

I have seen a object in the sky. Near deafening as it approached our humble home but it fell from the sky and now leaves a giant crator in which it has filled with ocean water. The object spoke to me. It wishes to be named Fruition and within the object is the Gods Metal itself. Fruition indeed and I am in contact with Fruition and the Gods Metal. I have seen Fruition settle at the bottom of the abyss and I have seen my fellow men dig and revel in the impacting noise Fruition has to offer. Many fellow men have gone mad by being near Fruition but I keep my distance and I revel in the great gifts it has to offer. Many local tribes tell that Fruition, the object at the bottom of the sea is a curse for they have seen their own men and women and children succumb to Fruitions teachings and have gone mad to inhabbit a differnt skin and be consumed by madness. 

Fruition wants to be found. Fruition has many gifts for the human populace and only wishes to be dug out from the depths to be taken by mouth to ease the madness but grant what Fruition has called kindred talents to ease the suffering. But with great gifts come a great suffering. One will have great gifts but be stricken to what Fruition calls the God Complex. Various thoughts and images that are not your own will plague you mind but that is only the price for a great kindred talent.  The God Complex could be quelled by inventions yet to come but yet to be discovered by my fellow man. Many gifts will come to us. Intuition, creationism, manipulation, and various other talents. 

We will be our very own gods but lest us not forget our own God, Lady Manticore. This is a gift from our very own God to be like her but we must remember our place below. Arcadia is waiting for us to come home and it is a welcoming home. Lady Manticore only wishes for our lives to be easier. Next to godliness, is wholeness and all men shall be whole once they partake of Fruition and the days to come could only be paved in gold as we approach godliness.

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