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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 27: The Beginning of the End Pt. 2


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I felt like he was mocking me, like I really wasn't what I claimed to be but in all seriousness the man never cracked a smile. Who was I really? I honestly don't know for sure. I just remember what I'm told and act accordingly but I am not just some meat sack that does what it's told; no, I have a choice of what I want to do therefore I'm human I know that but for my name I am unsure. 

'I don't really know to be honest. I've been looking for someone ever since I woke up; well I am looking for two people now and the 'one true looking glass.'

'Looking glass?' The man questioned.

'Ya, you know a mirror?' The man looked at me puzzled. 'You know where you see your own reflection. Where you can see yourself waving back like another you.' I was talking to a wall the man had never heard of a mirror before. 'You've never seen one before have you?' He nodded no and I thought he just as might have not even seen his own reflection before. I sat down thinking how else I could explain it. 

'So why are you looking for these things Ben?' He asked. 

'I need to find some answers, why we are like we are, what's happening to this world, what The Wretched are.' The man stopped me after I mentioned The Wretched. 

'The Wretched are the beginning and the end. They are why we are here, why this world is as it is. They created everything here and all they ask for is our complete devotion.'

'And you don't question that?' I asked. 

'No. At least we didn't at one point.'

'What happened? What about the Mother Sow?' The man flinched to that name till I finished saying it. 

'She is the reason why the world is like it is today. We were all fine till she showed up. She demanded blood, The Wretched were nice to us, yes they demanded blood as well but not full bodies. Not asking us to take each others lives. The Mother Sow changed everything in our lives, how we lived, how we see ourselves, how we worshipped. We stopped worshipping The Wretched after that and it has been a big mistake since. They became warmongers, demons, evil itself.'

'What happened?' I asked. 

'They invaded our lands. They destroyed our cities and they are now taking our people and children. We tried worshipping again but they would not accept our plea's.'

'The Wretched?'


'How long has this been going?' I asked. 

'Thousands of years and I fear this is only the beginning.' I thought to myself deeply and thought how when people die they become one with The Wretched. 
'So this began before your time.' I asked. He looked at me oddly and thought for a second. 

'You really aren't from around here are you?' He asked I thought to myself. 'This may seem weird but we don't age. It's been the same since day one, we wake up and we're with our families. Some people claim that they follow someone out of the buildings made by The Wretched to never return but those doors are always boarded up and sealed. I wouldn't understand how they even ended up in there in the first place but here they are, new people come everyday sometimes alone, other times with multiple people. Where do you come from?'

'I come from across the ocean on another continent.' The man got up and started muttering to himself. I got up and put my hands on the bars between us. 

'You can't do that! It doesn't work like that! Haven't you ever heard of Captain Ezra Craft and his crew? If there was one thing that The Wretched does not tolerate, its that. Captain Ezra Craft came back, only one left alive but there was something wrong with him. He was cursed. Living dead amoung the living. He had no say in it, it just happened. A warning to the rest of us.'

'What ever happened to him?' I asked. 

'It wasn't long before his return till he had some major change. He started killing people and his own punishment was death.' I raised my eyebrows. 'Nobody knows what happens when they die but I do know one thing, when blessed to live forever the worst thing to happen is to die.'

'So deaths happen rarely?' 

'Deaths never happen.' He said. 

'But what's to stop a person becoming a serial killer? People get those urges don't they?'

'Only when they are to become a Wretched is when that happens.' I thought to myself and how I had those urges. 'You are to become one, you know that right? You are already showing signs of it.' Everything around me seemed to move faster.

'But what's to stop a neighbor envying over what you have? I asked. 

'We are given a peace of mind when we arrive. There's nothing that we want that we don't already have. Though we can create buildings, new homes with just a thought but we need to be because bad things happen to us when we do but most people don't even know that they have that ability, good to keep it a secret if you ask me. More times than not we just stumble across new houses like it was made by our subconscious and that's the best way to go. We aren't held liable for what we did subconsciously.'

'What kind of bad things happen?'

'Well the worst thing is death and that's the leading causes of death here and most other places but sometimes we loose a leg, maybe an eye. It just happens, it just you know shuts off.' I was about to ask another question when he interrupted me. 'You know, don't you want to know what's going to happen to you?'

'I’m becoming a Wretched, case closed.' I said. 

'No I mean what we're going to do with you.' 

'Oh, you’re going to kill me right?'

'You still have some good left in you even though you killed Pete's daughter. You see, Pete has two daughters and the one you killed is the one who isn't missing. There's a Wretched held up in the local church and that's where we think she is. This Wretched has been held up there for some time resting and we're afraid that he's going to make another strike soon.'

'What are you proposing me to do?' I asked. 

'Well, kill it. Then leave this place.'

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