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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 27: The Beginning of the End Pt. 1


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Previously on Listening For That Sweet Tune:

I was tricked. When I came to, I was being operated on by silhouettes of what I would assume to be surgeons but they were pitch black and dripping with darkness. Everything they did to me was only shadow play--they never really touched me. They took scalpels to my stomach and chest, cutting at my skin, I freaked out for a moment and tried to move out of the way but my body was struck motionless. It was like my soul was what they cut open--taking out the grey and replacing it with black. It made me feel that the ones who couldn't take form couldn't do any real damage to me but as I thought longer the first Wretched I met couldn't take form and he cut me wide open—in the moment—but when I arose the cut disappeared and only a scar remained; maybe the same would happen here. 

The surgeons sealed me up, gathered their things, then left the room; I was then able to move freely and checked to see if any scars were left—there was. The operating room around me began to take a finer form including the table I was sitting on and another that was holding my clothes. I got dressed as the room continued materializing as tiles fell off the walls to show old wooden logs. I looked around the room examining everything in their limbo phase—not real life but not utter darkness—and some lump moving in circles materialized. I reached toward another hook to grab my necklace; it was a fashioned piece of string with Moony's pendant moon and a key that I found within my body not to long ago. Dark goo dripped off and fell to the floor little by little to reveal the dancing couple no more than a few feet tall on the ceiling. The slow piano tune from Beethoven's piano sonata continued in the background when everything materialized I noticed that I was in a one room wooden cabin. I looked out the window to see that where I was, was on the beach as the waves came crashing on the shore. 

I looked at the corners behind me and the couple continued to dance ever so gracefully. The woman in a sky blue dress that fell a little past her knees and the man had a black tuxedo on—like the partygoers. I grew frustrated seeing this because I wasn't exactly sure what it meant. I walked up to the couple and swatted my hands towards them but my hand went through them like smoke. They continued with their dancing as if nothing just happened and I swatted again. I didn't know what I was expecting but it sure wasn't nothing. I shrugged it off as if I wasn't curious in the first place but the air grew light and I struggled to breathe I turned my back to the couple and ran to the front door to get outside. 

I rushed outside as soon as i was able to open the door and looked around hoping to find some sign that I was on the new land and not the one I was on previously but there was nothing obvious. The fog still covered the land, no sign of any animals, lack of light yet grass and trees were still able to grow. I turned around to face the fields of grass and I could see something approaching me. One person turned into a second person, which turned to another. Before to long a dozen people were walking over the little hill that separated the fields from the beach. I began to wave towards the people but as I raised my hand then a gunshot echoed through the air and my left shoulder fell back words then the rest of my body. 

I immediately applied pressure to the wound so I wouldn't bleed out but as a minute passed I noticed no blood left the wound but a bullet definitely penetrated the skin. Before I was able to examine the wound with more detail, the people surrounded me and the one with the gun crouched down and looked at my wound then back at me. 

'We got you ya sonouvabitch.' I looked back to the cabin to see the couple--now life sized—look through one of the windows and stared at me. I looked back up to the people surrounded me and before I was able to blink I saw the end of the mans gun. 

When I awoke again I felt my forehead to feel a large bump from where the man hit me with his gun. I awoke on the floor of a stone block building. The door—to my right—was made out of iron bars and it looked like the floor hadn't been swept for years. Looked up to my left and a little window—barred as well. The fog lingered and I could see grass at the bottom of the window which told me that I was underground but I couldn’t understand how the grass remained green then someone walked up to my door. 

'Happy with yourself?' He asked. I stood up from lying on the ground and approached him. 

'Why would I be happy? I'm locked up.' 

'Your own doing might I add.' I thought to myself wondering what kind of evil I could have done. 

'What did I do?' I asked solemnly. He raised his eyebrows and walked away only to come back in a few seconds. 

'What’s your name?' He asked angrily. 

'Ben Lamb.' I muttered reluctantly. The man stopped moving around and stared at me intently then walked away. I walked up closer to the metal bars of the door and listened to the muttering in the background. I heard my name several times along with the rest of the rhyme Moony told me and I wondered how they heard it too. Another man walked up to my cell with a chair and sat down in front of me and leaned forward.  

'Now tell me about yourself Ben Lamb.'

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