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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 28: Further Down The Hollow Pt. 1


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Previously on Listening For That Sweet Tune:

'Kill it then leave this place.' Seemed simple enough but I don't have the slightest idea how to do that. I thought back to when I killed that man in the lighthouse and I've had my suspicions about him being a Wretched but I never really thought about it in keen detail. Is it really that simple? I walked back in forth in my cell waiting for the man to return and set me free hoping that it would be easy coming the rest of the way but I had questions and they weren't going to be answered easily. 'Kill it then leave this place.' It couldn't be that simple. Either way I was becoming one and something fowl smelled with that thought. I repeated it once more out loud 'Kill it then leave this place.' I could just leave this place and never turn around to look back and that would do the exact same thing for me yet I felt compelled to meet this certain Wretched like it had all the answers. 

I took off my shirt and looked down to the bullet I had in my shoulder not a single drop of blood stained my shirt or even went out of my wound. Black veins surrounded the black hole that pierced through my skin and I touched it to see if it was swollen. It wasn't anything. It just happened to be a black hole and nothing else. I placed my finger inside the wound seeing if the bullet was still there and not a single shot of pain pulsed through my body. Seconds led to minutes and I pulled the bullet out Witt my fingers. It was long and I was surprised it didn't go through my body but there it was in my hand. Black goo with a hint of dark red covered the bullet I pulled out but I wasn't quite sure to make out of it so I threw it in the corner of my cell. 

Minutes turned to hours and I was left sitting in a corner thinking no less of the subject than I was hours before. Maybe I could reason with it, convince it to leave this town and I could follow it to where this Mother Sow is and reason with her. I thought of an elegant woman, older but still pretty. Long black hair wearing a long red dress that went down to her heels but she was as deadly as she was attractive. I then thought of Moony and how she must be tracking me down to finish the process—if I wasn't one already—sharpening her blade to slit my throat. I gulped hard then got back to myself, how was I to do this? Maybe the thing was more civilized then I make it sound in actuallity, maybe he is just waiting for me to come around so it could confuse me more than I already am giving me a new set of tasks to do before I can confront this mental ward patient. 

The man came back to the doorway and dinged the key in his hand against the iron bars that made its excuse to be my door. I didn't give him my immediate attention because I was still lost in thought about what was about to happen to me. In fact I knew he was there talking to me but everything sounded all muddled and incoherent to my ears. I tried to shake my head to put me back into the present moment but it only gave me a headache and made my condition worse. I finally got the strength to look up at him and he was waiving at me to what seemed to be speaking very slow. The fog outside grew thicker and started to creep through the window and onto the floor and by the time I put my attention back to my jailer, he was already in my cell walking towards me. 

'It's time Ben. We can't wait any longer.' Everything sped up back to its own perspective natural speed and I realized that he was talking to me. 

'Yes. Lets go.' I got up and dusted off my knees before I took any more steps forward then followed him out of the cell. We walked past several other cells before we reached a main commons area. In front of me were several tables and a couch in which Pete sat glaring at me while he was polishing his gun. Now I don't blame him for hating me for what I've done and I could only hope to make it better when I get his other daughter to safety but he couldn't really blame me. I resisted in my dream and that was something I had no desire to do in the moment but here I am, guilty of my crimes facing what could be simply known as death row. 

I was lead outside onto the main street of the town and the man who led me out pointed to my left further down the street then looked back to me. I nodded back to him and began to head down the road. Even though the fog was thicker than normal I could still see both sides of the street. As people walked past me they gave me ample enough space to walk forward but they gave me looks as if the blood was still on my hands. I guess it was a small town, everybody knew everyone. People knew that there was a killer amoung them and it must be the new face, makes sense. 

I examined the buildings as I crossed them. Several of the buildings had visible damage on the outside as if bombs were being dropped on the ground periodically. Smoke rose from several others as if they were still on fire but I was confident that it’s been a while since they had an attack. Children played on the sidewalk in front of me giggling and running till they saw me. They ran in fear away from me just from the sign of my face. I looked down at my hands to see if there was something I wasn't getting then felt my face to see if anything didn't belong but nothing felt different than before. 

When I got further down the road I saw a monolithic structure in front of me at the end of the road.  The buildings in this town ranged from one story to two story but the silhouette—from what I could make out in the fog—appeared to be much higher. Spires towered into the sky as trees covered the garden in front of the building. As I grew closer to the building I realized that it was the church itself. It was crafted from old stone and stained glass. It was truly a miraculous structure and then I thought if this was one of the Wretched created buildings. It's similarities to the room in which I was with Moony seemed familiar as the aura I felt in the stomach felt the same as when I was with Moony, when I approached the twisted buildings where I met my first Wretched and when I went to the villa which had the colossal tower behind it. 

Soon as my feet touched the property all of my wounds—past and present—ached with a sharp pain. I grunted in anguish and stumbled in my walk but it left before I could think any more about it. The building was styled as an old Gothic cathedral but a house as well. Walking around you could tell that a church was up front but several rooms a few stories high were out back. I'd imagine if you would view it from above it would look like a huge capital T making the leg apart of the chapel. I walked back in front passing all the flowers, shrubs and trees of a garden surrounding the building. Large wooden doors where in front of me and I dreaded every second I looked at the door. 

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