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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 28: Further Down The Hollow Pt. 2


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Before I went inside I took one more look around. Honestly I was looking for anything that would prevent me from going inside. I examined the vines creeping up the walls. They were black and pulsed as if they had their own heartbeat and continued to creep up the walls. Remembering back to when I looked at my gunshot wound I found striking similarities between the two but what was on me was nothing like what I was seeing now. The main vine grew in size and moved up the wall like a snake as it continued to grow little sprouts every inch along the way. None of them grew to the strength like the central vine had but they still grew large in size while growing more sprouts in the new sprouts that were recently created. 

I shivered to the thought of it creeping towards me as I slept and it crawled into my body. It's like The Wretched is an infection not only to living things but anything that stands in the land. I'm slowly turning into a Wretched but what does that entail? The people seem pretty oblivious that becoming a Wretched is the next part of the cycle but then what? What happens once you become a Wretched? Is there a hierarchy of Wretched in this world and The Mother Sow is the queen? What does it take to move up that ladder? What is it even like to be a Wretched? That's what I feared the most. Do I loose my voice and become one in the same? Am I just another brick in the wall waiting for some sort of salvation or is this it? The Wretched seem to live in corruption and darkness and there's no way in my mind that I can think that, that is what I'm going to look forward to. If I die here, facing this Wretched I will loose everything or will I?

I pushed the front doors open and I realized that they were solid. If these doors were locked when I wanted to get in here I doubt I would even be able to get inside. Another thing that could have pushed me away from doing this but it seems fate is looking down on me. Immediately upon opening the door I saw a portrait of a man on the wall directly in front of me. It was a younger man but by the way he was dressed you could tell that he was around for a while.  

The man was nearly sitting on a arm of a wooden chair with his legs crossed. Book in hand he was starring directly at the painter and consequently me as well. Pitch-black hair and eyes were on his face with a gaze that could steal a soul. Behind him were several bookshelves littered with many more books. He had a slightly unshaven face and longer hair that traveled over his ears and past his eyes—though the hair was not in his eyes. He had on a dark grey suit and pants along with a white shirt and black shiny shoes. He was rich and he dressed like it. Underneath the painting was a plate of gold written on the plate was the name 'Bale'. Around the painting were two hanging plants—one on each side. A little statuette of a porcelain woman pouring water out of her jug into a bowl sat on a small round wooden table. Looking in the bowl were flowers and small jewels. This was where I guessed they paid tribute to the man but the man was not known to me. I didn't recognize him one bit and if I did I'm sure I would understand more about The Wretched—since this was The Wretched's church. 

To the left and the right of the wall in which the painting was on were openings in which put me further into the church. I thought for a moment if I wished to continue and I did not. I turned around back to the door and noticed that there was a chain around the handles and a lock connecting the two open ends. I guess I don't have a choice. I turned back around to face the painting and from where I was it looked like the man was looking directly at me where I was standing again. I moved to the right keeping focus on the painting and I noticed that his eyes were following me. His eyes weren't moving at all, it was just an illusion that the painter put into the painting but it gave me shivers. 

I hurried forward passing the wall in which the painting was on and continued to move further into the church. The floor turned from dark wood--which was in the foyer—to solid marble as I entered the chapel. Long benches stretched to my left and right creating a hall in the middle and sides. It appeared that the benches were made out if the same wood as the floor in the foyer. Columns lined the other paths on the outer edges of the chapel and stained glass littered the outer walls. Directly in front of me was a podium a couple of steps higher than everything else. Behind the podium and to my right were an old stone slab and a black spire behind that—something that I have seen before. 

In the building that I would like to call The Tower of No End—the large building behind the villa in which I saw Serenity once enter—I remembered what that woman once told me. She told me to leave and that life isn't real that it was her fault. She killed children and she liked it and that I had to get out. Her body was torn up and bleeding, I couldn't stand her looking like that but what did she mean? I found her; there she was yet I'm still looking for her. Why didn't I just return to that place? I guess everything was destroyed when that Wretched tore up that apartment I was in. The city lay in ruins but for some reason I can still feel a connection with her. She crossed the ocean and she is near, I can feel it in my stomach.  

How would I even know that Serenity is someone who will help me? So far she has gotten me through a lot of trouble. Maybe she isn't the person I should be looking for. Maybe she is the one to blame. She took me out here and if it wasn't for her I would still be human, I think. 

I approached the podium and the smell of blood became something I enjoyed. The slab was covered in blood and as far as I knew that meant the little girl was dead but I was still yet to find The Wretched. All they wanted me to know is to understand them, maybe they aren't as bad as people make them sound even though they kidnap little girls and destroy cities. They didn't do that before and it's all because of the Mother Sow. The Mother Sow is the evil one and she is the one that needs to be stopped. 

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