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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fire Inside

All I know how.
Sleep, till lights go out.

Taking a trip to the northern sea.
All the known means nothing now.

Growing up like a growing tree.
See the rings make up my soul.

It's hard with with no food,
or the milk of your bones.
Will we grow to know not,
of our fathers thoughts?

Some of the people,
As the soldiers,
Now the children are lost,
for tomorrow.

Have a full structure state.
Hold the pillars of sorrow.
Wait till the shake of the quake.
See the structure follow.

I tore up the leather,
now its broke and rather,
than the whole city burning,
lets just calm the fire.

I want to be cold and shattered,
than whole.
Does it matter,
of the state that I live in,
than wait for the latter?

Of all the places I go.
I'll find these people I know.
I may be tattered,
and so is my soul.

And if the fire consumes,
I'll stay alone in my room.
Wait for the ages go by.

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