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Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Schedule

Hello! Its been a long time coming. I have some plans for the future of this blog and I am ready to reveal them. Starting from  this coming week there will be a new post on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday will have no new posts but will be used as a backup day for Pintrest, a in case you missed it, or a X amount of years ago today post. Monday will be a new thing called a Leak. I will let you know on Mondays what is coming through the upcoming week to bring up the hype during the week. I now have accounts on Pintrest and Instagram and have had a Twitter for some time and would like everyone to go and follow those accounts. Pintrest will eventually have all my blog posts on it and I’m not really sure what to do with Instagram but maybe use it to keep you updated about the man behind the blog. I was also thinking on putting the Leaks on Instagram. 

Here are the links to my profiles




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