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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cant Stand It, So What Is Sin?

Reverberating attracting 
through my vocal chords
I cant say who will win.
Now that the pendulum is dark,
and is crushing the fringe,
I can only think 'What is sin?' 
So many things are justifiable,
I know there is plenty.
As if you can do it once or twice.
But if you did it in the presence,
of those less accepting,
then you are surely a sinner.

I have these thoughts through days,
I keep them to myself,
because I know you wont accept them today.
But if I were in a situation,
of the less fortunate,
I could surely sway the weight.
I can’t say that is right,
but its how people see it,
so I can do it once or twice.
But I know if you catch me,
before you are ready,
then you will know my true vice.

It pulses my veins,
plays my heart like a chord,
it even excites me from time to time.
But my mind is so heavy,
I can’t keep my hands steady,
surely something will fall under this knife.

Is that all we are,
some miraculous thing,
that knows what is right and wrong?
I say no,
you don't have the pressure 
and you surly haven't lived my life.

I don’t feel so queasy 
when I do something not easy,
and make some actions so brash.
Instead I embrace it,
not try to erase it,
and suck it for everything it has.
I could be the devil, 
or maybe a saint,
it might just depend where your from.
But when you see me,
when my life isn't easy,
just make sure your on the side I am on.

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