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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 21: The Strangest Of Men Pt. 1

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Previously on Listening For That Sweet Tune:

Since everything began and started spinning into motion I have heard and seen things that are not normal to a typical person. The only question that I can't help but ask is if these things are really happening or if I am really just crazy. I could really have just been imagining all these things and been doing them to myself in some manner or form. I'm not stupid. I can normally tell if something is for real or fake but when I think about this situation entirely; what is really happening and what am I mistaking to think to be true?

But then I think about the voices, they tell me to do things and till now I never noticed them. Have I always been like this? I'm sure Serenity would know but I would need to find her first. The voices started talking to me again. Some were whispers and then some were in normal tones; men, women and children. They talk amoungst themselves as if I wasn't here and other times they tell me to do things and I have listened. One in particular hums a slow upbeat song in his deep low voice, it sounds amazing—what is that song?  I've heard it before, I know I have—it keeps flowing around in the wind. Itches kept scratching from under my skin and I dug at it nearly immediately—feels like little bugs and insects. 

After a few minutes of thinking I looked back up to the young man who was sitting in the living room. He sat up straight with his legs crossed while thinking intently about the severed hands in front of him; moving them back and forth into stacks and lines as if he was playing a card game. He may have well been doing this for a few days now—I could tell because he had a rather short beard growing upon his face. He didn't even look up from what he was doing and he started to talk to me. 

'You know you can scare someone if you sneak up on them like that.' I stood motionless staring at the man a while longer. 'Did you hear me?' I cleared my throat

'Yes. Yes I heard you.'

'Good.' I could hear him smile with his back turned to me. The sound of saliva moving mostly gave it away. 'What?' he asked. Before I had the chance to answer him he responded, 'Be quiet!' For a second I thought he was talking to me but then I noticed that he was talking to himself, he continued. 'No. I shouldn't. He hasn't done anything wrong. Why?' He peeked over his shoulder for a second showing me his bright green eyes. 'He does look tasty.' I gasped to myself and took a few steps back as he was playing puppets with the hands in front of him. 'You're not leaving us are you? Come back we want to play as he turned around to look at me.

Blood. Blood covered his face as he smiled at me revealing his small soft white teeth. I felt as if I was staring at the face of evil, then again, if I decided to look at a mirror instead, I wouldn't look any different. I could only guess that was human blood around his mouth and only moments ago the same thing was around me but why did I feel so cautious? Yes he did say that he wanted to eat me but he was skinny, I could overpower him easily if I wanted to. Maybe it was a lingering evil that I felt around him but putting myself in his shoes I would see the same exact person. 

'You and I are the same you know?'

'Oh?' he replied.

'It only felt like a moment ago. I was chewing on the neck of another man and I loved it.' I was only telling the truth but deep down, it could have even been the truth.

'You are nothing like me!' He yelled and spat all over the place. 'You look all clean in your fancy clothes in your nice warm home. I should kill you right now!' While he was pointing at me with a severed hand, I took a few steps towards him with my arms raised showing him my palms. 

'I'm not here to judge you. You're welcome in my home.' Which was a lie. 'I think if you would hear me out, you would find that out yourself.'

'Go on.'

'I have killed too. Several times. You are not alone; there are other people like you closer than you think. Someone you can be yourself around and not worry about any judgment or skepticism.' He raised his eyebrows in approval. 'The only thing I can ask for in return is you to help me on finding some people.' He grinned at me again.

'I'm good at that.'

'I bet you are. Can you help me?' He thought for a few seconds and nodded back at me. He began to get up and I noticed that he was sitting in a pool of blood, then took out his hand to shake mine. Even though his hands were covered in blood—like the rest of his body—I didn't mind shaking his hand as I gripped his firmly. It was as if we were now bound in blood to work with another but before I had the chance to let go his mouth lunged towards my hand in a desperate attempt to bite my hand clear off.

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