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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

May Be Sharper Than The Sound

Sometimes you can't try,
but you can see me smile.
While I scratch my head,
I will look into the distance.
I drifted to some nothingness. 
I'm at terms with my selfishness.
I'm at terms with my carelessness. 
I agreed with a circumstance. 
But I will conform,
to the needs of the world,
because the world needs me.
The world needs us. 
The world needs you and me,
and my focus. 
So I don't drift off to nothingness.
Dwell on the violence. 
Maybe just this once. 
I think I can cure your ignorance.
I think I can hurt your prettiness.
you don't need us. 
While you’re with that scourge. 
That thin shell of a man. 
As he pushes you around. 
I laughed
with irresponsibility. 
I sighed
while smashing in his knees.
I grinned 
I am such a tease.   
These knifes, 
sharper than the sound.
Plastic sheets, 
keep him away from thee.
And a mind
To create a perfect crime.
The blood will flow all over.
You wont hear from him again.
I promise.
Just you and me,
and what’s left of the longevity,
of the sound,
of the rush,
of the screams.
Those pitiful screams,
but you are now with me.
You feel hot to the thought.
This may just be a part of me.

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