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Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Garden Of Pneuma

In the garden of Pneuma.
Monsters search for,
all the weakest, 
links in sight.

Fire and brimstone,
run the halls.
Of what the, 
people did consume,
one day

And I,
am Falling on my knees now.

Are we,
going to make it through somehow.
One day.

I'm wishing for peace now.

And I,
am falling on my knees now. 

the king of Dermas,
brought with him, 
a gift of faith but,
treason too. 

Come with me.
He said we will,
be joined together,
in one.

Pneuma the people,
joined with him,
to execute his final plan.

They lived together,
for some years.
Till the Dermas,
closed it eyes.

The ones in Pneuma,
spoke among. 
They talked of the ones,
that they loved.

They were wishing for peace now.

They're wishing for peace now.

Some like never.
Some like best.
You know you can exist.

Someday maybe,
others do.
I can't keep my eyes off of you.

I wish to feel you,
and smell your love.
I can't believe it's done.

One day maybe, 
in years or more.
We can join our hands again.

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