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Sunday, December 18, 2011

22 Years In The Making, and More Technicality.


     Im going to have to be honest, Im getting quite burned out right now. My work is getting pretty busy--I now take care of a high level maintenance diabetic. Im putting together the next parts for "The Child" and don't worry! I know I put up so many confusing things and unanswered questions but thats suspense and I looove it. All questions will be answered, it might not be today, or this year, or even a few months, but its enjoyable--I hope. Its enjoyable for me to write and I can only hope its the same for you. On another note Listening For That Sweet Tune story is comprised of chapters like "Conversations With Cut Throats" "More Than A Wall" "Waiting By A Closed Window" "The Poet"  With several reoccurring questions through E-Mail I feel I should take the liberty to explain this story as it is. 

     Currently I am posting all the chapters out of sequence because I know what I want to happen but not in the order to a supreme indefinite sequence. I know where they sit in the story, but I am still working on what happens in between. The story is in two parts, one in a city, the other in a hospital. The city part is what begins the story like chapters "More Than A Wall" and "Waiting By A Closed Window". In fact those two chapters are one after another in the story. You can easily tell which one is first if you didn't know yet. The numbers are something that will be a puzzle, I wont tell you what they are but they will keep coming up. The Child and my Listening For That Sweet Tune are connected, part of the same world but two separate characters. One is Emery Delacroix and the other is Ben Lamb. The Child is a recollection of journal entries which will soon follow up to the present. The present is the Listening For That Sweet Tune, which is a narrative through the main characters point of view. Ben and Emery will meet but I can assure you, it will be a visit that will be very peculiar. I felt free so write a brief summary of what will happen in my untitled story, it will follow. 

     Ben Lamb--a young man on the brink of loosing his sanity--embarks on a journey to find a recently lost friend, only to discover everything but. Beginning in a old vacant city, Ben finds out that everything isnt quiet what it seems and with no recollection of his past he discovers that the city has a dark secret. Soon after many events Ben stumbles upon a young child who has no idea of what is happening in the city. He then ventures off to a new land encountering a ship with dismal secrets, a house that can make you have nightmares, an old skyscraper tower over a city but completely vacant, a apocalyptic wasteland of metal and overgrown foliage, a psychiatric intuition that seems to be the most sane place he has ever encountered and many more. Will he find his lost friend? Will he answer all his questions about what happened to him and what is happening around him? And the most important question of them all, what is on the other side of a mirror?

     The Child--He lost his mother and lives a life of confusion in a desperate attempt to understand things around him. Emery Delacroix sets off to the world to only become even more confused while encountering cultists and a dark past that needs someone like him to finish and a mysterious box that attracts to him. Emery just wanted to live a simple life but he obtained a extraordinary one.  

     On another note, Im writing a new story along with my others. Im trying to get one post of each story a week, but with other several ideas coming up for other stories, Ill begin them along with the present ones. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Now that there is no more technicality, Im not going to leave you empty handed, here is my latest poem.

Why cant I make up my mind?
On questions that can take my life,
I fall from these stairs and look at the sky,
Do you know me? Have you even tried?

I slept outside instead.
Kill me now, Ive already died.
Ive wasted my life,
Went inside and cried.
Who can know me?
I dont even know..

So I wasted my pretty soul.

So I wasted my pretty soul.

Im several miles away,
I will never go home,
till I untangle,
from these power lines.

It will be a long year like I said.
You might not even get to say goodbye.

Its so restless in my mind.
I need to sit back and unwind.
But I pace these halls and talk aloud,
Do you know me? Have you even tried?

Theres a tale that everyone seems to know.
When you feel like you have never been so alone.
Then it pushes you around and ends so harsh
Who can know me?
I dont even know..

So I wasted my pretty soul

So I wasted my pretty soul

Its waiting to see,
that what happens next,
that drives all the people, 

This is the part when I cry,
because going to sleep is so hard.

So I grew 22 years,
and I tried to find holy cheer.
I turned the news on, couldn't believe what I saw,
people said that they knew me, I was wrong.

Then I headed back to my old town.
It was like I was royalty thats crowned.
I met my old friend, he stood up and said,
I know you, you dont even know.

Now I'll bear out my pretty soul.
Now I'll bear out my pretty soul.

He said, How are you my friend?
Its been a long time!
Its been 22 years,
and I thought that you died.

It was a long time I said.
I never got the chance to say goodbye.

Remember me

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