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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Child: Entry 7

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The Beginning:

Previously on The Child:

     I could only wonder what kind of trouble Suzie got me into. She said it was a favour not some kind of gang pursuit or an activity to some fanatical cult. I wanted answers and not too much longer I was going to be willing to wait for answers. As the doorknob behind me was squeaking I could only wonder who was going to be on the other side, what they wanted with me and what the infernal numbers meant. I could care less on where I was. I could have been on the other side of the world for all I cared; it wasn't like I was trying to get away from home anyway. 

     So here I sat, in the midst of dirt and concrete. Feeling I was a prisoner to my own sanity and when I heard the door open behind me, I was expecting to see a fairy tale creature but of course I was only wishing for the impossible. When I turned around what I saw in front of me was the innkeeper from just—what seemed to me—a moment ago and then he spoke. 


'I’m sorry for all the inconvenience; Suzie is a mutual friend of mine. I guess you can ask a question, I could only think that you have plenty to offer at this moment.' In fact I did but I’m sure that anyone in my situation would also so I thought long and hard on what I could ask. Who knocked me out and why? What did the numbers mean? How did he know that I was going to be here of all places? Where am I now? What were Suzie’s intentions? I had to decide what was going to be my response. I had to ask the most important thing that I needed to know now. If I had the chance to only ask one question I had to make it count. My mind raced back and forth, I had to spit it out and I did. 


'What will happen to me?' He stood there emotionless looking into my eyes and I saw his lip twitch. He reached up to his mouth and stroked his chin and beard. 


'I...I am not sure yet.' He stood there in thought a few minutes as I was still sitting on the ground after a while he continued. 'Though I need you to know that the preceding events that are going to happen are essential for your well being. After I tell you what you need to know, you can continue your life as was before or you can help Suzie and so many more people to solve the biggest mystery in our lives. We need someone who isn't apart of what is happening to us, like a new lamb to the slaughter—in a manner of speaking though. You will be in over your head but you will be with a new family, a family of the corrupted but strong.' I was even more confused at that very moment but one thing I did know is if I preceded my life with these...people, which all my confusion would be cleared up. So like I have before, I acted on impulse and I can tell you now that it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. 


I told him that I will do what Suzie asked me—whatever that was—but I wanted my questions asked first so I asked my first one, 'Where was I?' He responded that I was only a few hours away from where I was last, which I was on the coast now. I was driving towards it originally, I wanted to smell the ocean and he said when I get out of the cell I was in, I can enjoy the ocean as long as I wanted to. So far my new extended family has helped me to get to my planned destination, so they have done something right. 

     I then asked why they knocked me out. He stood there confused and he explained that yes they were going to take me somewhere else and if I put up a fight they would have to do what I was asking about but they never did. He said when he went into my room I was already lying unconscious on the floor and they never gave me any sedatives they were confused themselves. So I wanted to investigate further, I asked why I am in a prison cell and he responded that I was a prisoner for the time being until he and his company figured out what happened to me before I was 'transferred' to where I was now in fact I was out for a few days. 


I could only presume the precautions they had to take and I had so many other questions but I thought I should get to the next subject before I couldn't ask anything else so I did. I asked what this 'family' was, he stood there trying to find a particular word that would explain what it was but as the time passed, I wasn't even sure if he even knew. So he told me they were following something that they didn't know very much about and soon I would know what he is talking about. I said that was ridiculous but he responded saying 'Isn't that what all religion is founded on?'. I could only agree, so I moved on. 

     'What does Suzie want me to do and what does the piece of paper that Suzie gave to me mean?' He responded quickly and he tried to explain to me that Suzie was once a leader but later gave up her position of leadership when the 'family' was reaching upon a breakthrough that would change everything. He said it was as if she got cold feet and turned back when she saw what everything meant and it has been the same ever since. 


So I started to put the pieces together, Suzie started a movement that would change the course of life and what the movement was is unknown to the followers. As she was approaching on the concrete idea she became scared and subsided from the leader of the group. I could only figure that in order for the followers to follow something they would need to know something to lure them in.

The most logical thing was the numbers; 7, 16, 6, 21, 14 being followed by the phrase 'She would be proud'. But in order for someone to follow that they would need to know more so I asked the bearded man how did they stumble across the numbers and he could only tell me that it was in their dreams for as long as they could remember. It continued to play over and over never changing and it is the same for every single person who had the presence of the dream. He said he knows that he sounded crazy but he knew that everything would make sense when one would dream of what he speaks of. I could only agree with one thing that he said, he sure did sound crazy.

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