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Monday, July 9, 2012

Anxiety Anxiety!

I lived a life from crib to coffin,
it will be the first and last time I swear.
You made me regret my thoughts for you,
you make me hate that I'm here.
Just play those games with my sick mind,
lets see how far you will go.
But this mind is that’s all left of me,
if rattles through my bones.

I tried to stay in front of you,
but your pity led your mind.
You told of the bad times, 
in your life you left behind.
Just some petty faction,
that will never ever turn.
You say that you are so lost,
but its me that you want to hurt.

In the midst of this argument,
I have fighting in my mind.
I loose my grip of reality,
and I stay there for a while.
So fuck this situation,
and fuck your hidden screams.
You're just some little masochist, 
who will get all your needs.

I thought this was a mystery,
but the truth in my sight.
You just love to lead me on,
like a lamb in the night.
You receive the things you wanted
as I rummage through the dirt.
My bloody nails are falling off,
you take my only shirt.

So if the compliments were liars,
I am bathing in my blood.
You threw what you knew of me,
in my face full of mud.
I have relapse in the distance,
they tell me of days that were fine.
I'm sure I lost the battle,
and the wars already won.

I call it anxiety anxiety,
but you never really knew.
I think of what will happen,
every second I spend away from you. 
I said it would be the first time
but I really do feel dead.
As I wash the blood off,
I can feel you through my veins,
I can feel you through my veins.

I'll start again to break the heart.
Change my name to change the world.
I'll set aside all our hopes and dreams,
so I can rip everything in two.

Remember me

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