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Monday, August 27, 2012

Inch-Wide Trenches

I'm living my life from crib to coffin


How would you feel?
when the darkness controls you.
Tell me how would you feel?

You wrestled my heart till out thoughts were one
you wrestled my heart, we are one.

How would you feel?

Somebody's in the back of my mind,
crawling, finding the things I hide.
The things Ill keep till the day I die.

Somebody's looking into my eyes,
they think I am thrilled and fine.
I fell sunder in the light.
I can scream without you but it's not right.
I can die forever it it felt right. 

I woke up, it was four.
I moved in all my things.
I moved in all my things, 
onto the floor.

Sweetie I can tell that this was hard.
All the situations were dark.
I really wanted to.... 

Remember me

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