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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Up in the sky
lays a tower of no end.
There lies the beast,
one who made sin.
He entices the souls
"come in and join me".
But when did the origins
of man begin it?

He crawled in my mind 
and helped me to see.
He makes me think
that the beast is me.
He kills my soul
uses his own to replace it.
Fills it with things
that always seemed fit.

I look at myself 
"What has he done?
Has the war ended,
has the beast won?
Am I that large tower,
I see from above?"
I kill myself
I just dont believe it
you need to fight the one
in order to resist it.

He takes my dreams,
he owns the skies.
He knows where you are,
he knows where you hide.
he lies in my thoughts,
he lies in my mind.
he is my actions,
he is deep inside.

I look in the mirror,
and I finally see.
Since I began,
the beast was always me.

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