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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Child: Entry 11

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The Beginning:

Previously on The Child:

     Before the door opened I heard a little stumbling on the other side. This made me think more and more that I was going to see this old hag of a woman. Dirty, grey hair, torn and filthy clothes but when she opened the door Anastasius was right it was a very young pretty woman. She was defiantly just a little bit older than me she smiled at me and my heart melted. She was beautiful she said that Anastasius usually shows all the new members to her because she normally doesn't leave the house so I was more or less already expected. She told me to come in and follow her and I did.

     Her house was in the cleanest shape I have ever seen. Like she had her own set of housemaids. Upon entering I followed her slightly towards the left because directly in front of the door was a large set of stairs. We entered her laundry room and she told me to sit down as she continued forward into another room, which looked like the kitchen. I looked around and I could see several bunches of flowers everywhere, little knickknacks and black and white pictures all scattered everywhere in the room. One thing that caught my eye was a particular picture. It looked almost exactly as the one that I saw in Suzie's motel.

A woman standing by an old man in front of a rather large building. Except instead of Suzie helping the old man it was the woman with me now. She looked just like she did right now as if she hasn't aged a day, I felt very creeped out and the 'Mother' walked back into the room with a couple of tea cups and pieces of sugar. She asked me if I wanted one in a rather sweet tone like she was the happiest housewife in the whole world. I couldn't resist with that smile and then she started to say more than just a few words.

     'So, you are the newest addition to my family. I'm glad to see that you agree with our ways, or do you even know them yet?' I responded with a no and she continued.

'Well we are a collectivity of people that are willing to call each other a family. I'm sure you have found this out before. Some people say we may have a dark agenda but I don't think so. I am the current head mistress of the family. Before me it was Suzie, which I'm sure you have seen before along with her second hand man Frank. I wouldn't doubt you haven't seen her ghost of a husband though; he is such a weird man.

Suzie has become more of a recruiter these days, she found a few people but not to many, but our family is still perfect. We follow a dream, not metaphorically but an actual dream. Have you seen this prophetical dream?' I still didn't know what this dream is so I said no, but I was intrigued to see what it was. She smiled and stood up and told me to lay down on the couch I was already on.

She started to mumble something and then she told me to close my eyes. This almost felt like a hypnotization that I have seen several times in the town I grew up, but I never truly had it happen to me. I tried to figure out what she was saying and by the time I thought I understood a word, everything turned black

     I envisioned a dark alley and it was like I was looking down on myself, then I hear a man scream. I get scared but instead of running away I run to see what was the noise. Upon turning the corner, everything I could see turned into blood and it got progressively darker till it turned black. Then a meadow showed before me. It looked a lot like the meadows that were outside, it was very tranquil. Then I saw a flash behind me so I turned around. In the distance I saw a burning tree far away, then everything caught fire and fire burned down the whole meadow. Then it felt like I was underwater, then everything turned blue.

     I was now caught by a wave being pushed underwater and I tried to get to the surface to the surface, It seemed like I passed out due to the lack of oxygen and then I jumped up from lying down to see my on top of a ship I heard someone speaking but it was so slow I couldn't make sense out of it I turned around and I saw a man all roughed up by dirt and oil in front of me pointing a gun at a woman who was tied from head to toe in a fetal position crying. I wish I could do something but my body wont move and before I knew it I heard a bang, though it was somewhat muted because I could still here the waves and the rain pouring down on my head more. 

     The young woman fell to the ground, and lies in her own puddle of blood. The man bent over and put his finger in her blood and put his finger in his mouth nodding as if he approved, then he started to walk towards me. The man crouches to see me at my level and he watched my every move, or lack thereof. He looked directly into my eyes and I look around to see everything on the boat turns rusty and worn. I looked at the man again and he was maintaining eye contact like he didn't even care to see what was happening. 


I heard a bone chilling scream that only could make me even more scared and then I started to see everything rip off the ship and drift upwards to the sky the man smacked my face to get my attention again. He had a look in his eyes like a mad man then he started to speak ‘She would be proud, 7, 16, 6, 21, 14’. He pushes me back onto my back he took out his gun and I felt a rather harsh pain hit the center of my chest. Then a voice in my head says 'Nothing will be perfect, but at the very same time when blood flows out of the internal body, it couldn't have been a more perfect timing.' I feel myself start to shake like it was having a seizure and then I woke back up on the couch with 'Mother' still standing over me. 


She said that in order to complete the dream and make everything right again I had to tell her my name then asked what my name was and I replied 'My name is Emery Delacroix.'. She jumped back as if she was shocked and yelled at me but in the tone of a whisper, 'you don't say that name around here that name has too much history.'. I replied what my name was, Emery. She yelled back as if I was stupid.

'No! Your last name boy that is a name full of a defiling nature. There’s a box that we carry, it was named after its first victim of the family it is known as the Delacroix’s Cube! We are yet to understand it and here you come telling me your last name is the same last name. This is wrong! We locked it away inside the bunker to keep it away from everyone and how can you have the same last name? This has to be more than just a coincidence, you are something boy, I need to council with the other figureheads. That name is filthy, you better be careful boy, your treading on shallow waters.'


I was confused—of course—I could have sworn I saw that so I mentioned I'm pretty sure I saw the thing she was describing in my room just a few minutes ago, she became even more shocked than before and charged through the orchid towards the other cottage. I had to run in order to keep up with her. She stumbled in the cottage and I could only guess she was going to head towards the room I lived in. When I reached the doorway I looked forward through the living room to see everyone in my room. They already became aware of what was in the room and they were just staring at it as if it was holding them into motion. 

     The Mother pushed her way through everyone and I heard her scream. She began yelling to take me away, that I was an agent of another order and I will be punished for taking a harmful object back into their humble home. I was dragged back downstairs and thrown back into the cell that I was in not to long ago. I sat there on the ground as they locked the doors behind me and I did the only thing I could do, sleep.

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