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Friday, January 27, 2012

What Makes A Man

     Well. Im going to tell you right now that I am confused with my own stories and till now I have arranged it all inside my head. Its now becoming almost impossible to manage so I am now trying to arrange it on paper. I am sure you have noticed that I have only released a few parts of my stories this month when I originally did a few each week. That will continue just a bit longer till I have everything organized so I know I can continue writing making it sound the best I can. There are so many elements in every story that intertwine with others and its getting difficult to see the end myself, I guess if its complicated to the writer, its really complicated for the readers. 

     I guarantee that everything will become clear when everything is finally released. Im sure it wont be soon but it will be someday down the road. Im going to have a friend help me organize everything and I will release them more often but things need to get organized first. Till then no more technicality.

Cut me into pieces and put them all together again.
There is nothing I've been able to hide from you.
You will always see whats deep inside of me.
Cut deep down to see all my lies.
I know you can do it.
All you need to do is try.
You can find out what makes me a man.
It will be nothing. I will never be or can.
I remember when you said that.
I will always have that inside of me.
I can only wonder if you were right.

Remember me

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