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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 7: A Dream To Remember Pt.1

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A dream appeared itself to me while my consciousness was taken from me after I met Moony. A great darkness clouded over my mind every second I breathed to push myself forward; a long dark hall stretching to as far as the eye could see. My view showed itself in another man, I do not know whom but the feeling from who he was created an uneasiness in my breathing. He walked along the hallway, having a dim light every several feet so you could see parts of the path in front but darkness filled every corner that the light could not travel—which was not very far. Walking down the hallway at a steady pace, the man looked over his shoulders constantly as if he was expecting someone to appear behind him. No one appeared themselves to him but he continued to look in many directions.

A feeling of claustrophobia traveled down my throat like drinking a liquid with shards of glass within it—it wasn't comfortable but I continued to drink. The hallway was no more than four feet wide, not even nearly enough for two people to pass through this hallway and it felt as if the ceiling was only inches above the mans head. He reached the first light in the ever growing darkness and a substantial weight lifted off of the man’s shoulders, which helped me to breathe better. He stood in the light for a moment’s time while looking both directions to see if there was an end—there was none. 

Looking both ways, the halls continued onto an infinite distance of darkness and an amber glow of light. The man heard a noise coming from his left—the direction in which he came from—and looked deeply into the darkness nothing showed its face to the man but his heart quickened and he grew anxious. As he started to walk into the darkness again, the weight that was on his shoulders previously returned nearly heavier than it was before. 

The pace hastened as the man continued to look behind him, I could feel a great fear echo through his mind, he knew something was following him but I couldn't tell what. He pushed himself further towards the next light but the minutes grew to an eternity. Suddenly noises came from the walls, ceiling and floor surrounding the man, the sound grew mechanical. A clicking and turning vibrated throughout the walls that turned to be a noise of gears in motion sliding one from each other. A loud deep knock echoed every second like something old was being pushed along or even opening around him but nothing changed. The light reached the man’s fingers and not a split second further, all the noise disappeared from the hall. Looking back to where the man came from, he couldn't see the light he passed previously, as if the darkness consumed it and everything that remained around it. I could hear him breathing heavily and I started to do the same thing.   

A crushing started to echo through the hall, like bone being snapped in half creating a chill down my spine. All the previous sounds continued afterward nearly louder than before but something new echoed through the walls and flowed through the seams. A dark black liquid began to flow from the cracks between the floor and the walls, a great rushing like flowing water. The screams grew louder in anguish and self-pity while the weight on the man’s shoulders only grew more. The light was no longer the man’s safe haven I grew restless and so did he, pushing forward was all he could do, so he continued. 

As each foot passed the other, the black liquid grew more and more to the point that it was beginning to pass his ankles. His pace grew slower due the ever growing resistance and the noises through the hall only grew louder to the point of an unbearable pain to the ears. Crying grew louder as the gears did with their continuous clicking; it was almost like a symphony of complete natural sounds to the ears offering a great spectacle to its audience.

I was not amused and neither was the man that I was able to see through. The liquid now reached mid way up the man’s calves, it was warm but thick pushing the man’s steps back and forth making him unable to walk in a straight line. It felt like he was walking through the ocean as the incoming tide pushed you around to wherever it pleases but it was pushing him forward yet backwards at the same time leaving him in a near stand still. 

Light upon light passed and went in the continuation of the hallway and what seemed to have no end, had now appeared in the distance. A bright light shown at the end of the hallway to what appeared to be above a doorway. As the distance grew closer more noises grew to shake the walls all around the man, shaking the growing liquid back and forth. Noises of metal scraping against metal and a low hum began to grow as the sound of cracking—to seem to be of bones—broke every sense of what could be calming. All the senses began to become stimulated as a smell of raunchiness stained the air. Rotting flesh started to rest on the man’s tongue pushing him to nearly gag, everything grew more and more as the mans tolerance began to push itself to overwhelming.

The doorway at the end of the hall became finer in detail as the man grew more close to the end of the hall. The light above the door began to show the doors beauty in all forms that the man could enjoy. Solid hardwood and grains of the door shined from underneath the doors colour of a deep red. He was now knee deep in the dark liquid that has only been cumbersome since the beginning but the door was approaching closer. A loud chorus of women screaming in agony began, if felt like they knew where we were headed and every step closer to the exit was only making the pain worse for everything that was around the man.      

The handle that was on the door was in an old fashion. Dust was gathered on the round knob to make the old scratched brass look even older than it truly was. When he finally had the opportunity to touch the handle, all noises of agony and loathing stopped to create a soundless room with sounds of flowing water to only break the silence. The man looked around in surprise to the events that just happened but before he could turn the knob someone talked to him. It was a little whisper to most likely come from a woman, she sounded desperate in her speech like this was more urgent than the task that was at hand.

'I've killed myself over words of less meaning; the silence can only destroy what’s left of my soul.' The tone was mysterious, it sounded depressed like anyone would expect but mid way through the sentence, it began to sound like a threat. 

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