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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Child: Entry 24

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The Beginning:

Previously on The Child:

'This won't be the last you see of them you know.' Ville looked at me and continued. 'The Family, they aren't just going to lay back and take it without trying.' I sighed and looked towards the view in front of us--we were on top of the hill that blocked the view to see the city.

'So they aren't dead? The members I mean, didn't they die during that ceremony?'

'Anything but. It's complicated; wait till we get into the city. As soon as we get the chance to settle down, everyone can explain it.' I shrugged and looked towards the cityscape, it stretched for hundreds of miles. From where we were the hill declined dramatically to a flat plain. Our elevation could have been a couple thousand feet high because conjoining to the city—to my right—was the ocean. I knew it for a fact, it stretched all the way to the end of the horizon—I awed in disbelief. As for the city though, there was something entirely different from what I have ever seen.

Lights flooded the streets—at least from what I could make out from them—and the buildings that surrounded them. From when the hill became level, the city started. It began with little buildings made out of wood and brick and asphalt and plastic but after miles to miles, the buildings became taller to create spires of concrete and steel. The buildings got higher and higher up to the center in which the buildings were covered with glass. This continued on to as far as I could see, the city was enormous and continued to my left which came to look more and more like a valley. I looked further and further to see if there was an end but I couldn't see one. As soon as I looked as far as I could to my left I saw Ville looking at me no more than a foot away. He was intrigued on how I was reacting to such a sight.

'You have never seen something like this have you?' I looked back to the city to see flickering lights in every corner and people flooding the streets.

'No, I couldn’t say I have. I don’t even think I have been in a town to at least one percent comparative in size.' Ville laughed to himself like he always does and leaned on the wheelchair in front of him.

'I never really thought how much I had it until I left this place.'

'Why did you leave in the first place?' I asked.

'A lot of things.' Ville responded 'I think a good portion of it was based on me not agreeing with my family but as the years passed, I could only agree with them more. I guess they were right all along.'

'What about? You sure do keep a good amount of secrets from me Ville, can you not trust me or something?' Ville shrugged. 
'I wouldn’t say that per se, its more based on the fact that when I start to tell you about what is really going on, I am going to have to tell you everything else that has to do with it. This has been going on for quite a while and if I am right, you take a great role in this. That little box that you are holding has a great power in it and people would die trying just to get their hands on that. Keep your hands firmly on it when we get to the city and don’t show it till we reach my family, it would just be trouble otherwise.' I nodded to him and he straightened up his posture. 'You mind taking this guy down the hill Emery? You don’t have to be gentle, just make sure he stays in the chair.' I looked towards the man and I noticed that there was some straps on the back of the wheelchair, I walked towards Ville and wrapped the straps around the poor old man. 'I like your thinking Emery.'

'I try.' I responded. After tightening the man down as hard as I could I put his glasses in my pocket so they wouldn’t fall off during the travel down the incline. I backed up and looked at Ville while he was still looking at the old man. 'You ready to go?' I asked. Ville looked at me and then smiled then nodded. I started to jog down the hill trying to maintain my balance while I heard Ville start to yell behind me. Before I even turned around, Ville ran past me trying to maintain a grip on the wheelchair. I started to run too so I could catch up with Ville but a few steps to late. Ville stumbled on his own feet and lost grip of the wheelchair, it sped down the mountain like it was trying to win a race just bumping along the road.

Ville lost his own footing and fell to the ground to find himself rolling the rest of the way down, hitting every rock in his path. I had to laugh to myself to see Ville like this, after a few minutes he stopped at the bottom of the hill trying to stand but his balance was all skewed. He threw up seconds after that while trying to scream my name during it then fell back to the ground. 

As soon as I caught up with him he came to but the mood in the atmosphere changed dramatically. He looked around frantically trying to find the wheelchair; I saw it rolled down one of the streets that was starting right about where we were. I pointed to it and Ville turned to it to start yelling afterwards. Several people were gathered around the wheelchair looking at the poor old man, picking at him trying to find something of value. Ville grabbed me around the collar and pushed me along with him while he was running to the wheelchair. At that moment he whispered in my ear.

'Get ready for anything, this will get nasty.'

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