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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Letters To The Mind: Love

Dear Love, 

It seems I can't take the pressure.
Like always, I am not surprised.
It may be even possible that you just don't like me.
I can hear it in your sighs.
I do believe that their is that one perfect somebody
but for me, odds are that, that person doesn't even know I exist.
There are always lighter sides though.
I see things,
they show me what my life is to be,
it helps me think,
it makes me wonder that there is someone.
If there is, what if they don't think kindly of me?
Its hard to dislike someone you hardly know.
This feeling of knowing.
Knowing that this person can solve your flaws,
you feel better off, a life worth living. 
I have always been searching and waiting.
As every day passes they only let me down.
Why can't I just look?
There isn't a reason not to.
Maybe that person doesn't even exist. 

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