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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 6: The Lighter Side of the Moon Pt. 1

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I woke up near the gutters of the street similar to when wild partiers consumed more liquor than they can handle. Except instead of vomit covering the ground, face and the rest of my body, blood replaced the vomit. I leaned up quickly in surprise to see that I could still breathe and while checking my previous slit throat, I felt a scar of what was, not has been. I continued to trace my fingers along the scar buildup of collagen and skin in a straight line—this wasn't here before. Because of this I knew that whatever I witnessed—to what seemed seconds ago—was real, I would love to just call them hallucinations but this was more real than I could ever possibly comprehend.

'What the hell happened?' I thought. I could still feel wet blood in my throat draining down into my stomach. I raised my hands up to my face just to make sure I wasn't transparent—I wasn't. I attempted to get up on my feet but a sharp pain in my chest kicked me back down. I looked down to where the pain was, forgot that I was stabbed—a pretty stupid thing to forget. I lifted up my shirt so I could see my stomach and every thing I expected to see, wasn't how I expected it. The wound itself was rather small, it was still drawing blood but it was healing but everything around it was black, just like the thing that did this to me. My veins up to several inches around it turned black too; like the shoots that came out of the obelisk earlier. Looking closely to this black substance, it was moving. Like the tentacles of an octopus or wind pushing through a meadow, not gaining any ground but simply moving in place.

It felt like something was living inside of me, I hope its nothing but it really could be anything just eating slowly at my inside and harvesting it's eggs to consume everything till I'm just a dead man walking. I pushed down my shirt and looked to my right to see that strange tower, obelisk and company. They were back to their normal state and no lights shined through the windows. I sighed in relief but that only lasted for a few seconds. I was still in a city that had strange happenings and figures with no explanations whatsoever, will there ever be?

I attempted to get back up to my feet again, now acknowledging the pain that I would feel in my chest. After a few extra seconds more than usual, I got back up to my feet. Rubbing my head through stress, I looked in every direction around me. Nothing looked out of place but I now could only wonder which direction I should go. I could only remember faintly in which the direction the child went but I guess I could never be really be sure exactly where. Turning in circles a few times I noticed that the air around me was remarkably clearer than all the time previous. It seemed like a light mist was all that remained in the air, it reminded me of days that I spent all morning in the park in which the sun was so bright the suns rays blocked your view. Obviously this wasn't the case but it was remarkably similar.

To my right was the odd obelisk and to my left was the street, if I remember correctly, I think the child I saw moved across the street to my left and turned left on the intersection a little ways away. One can only wonder if a slight memory is always the correct thought, it seems like that more than often. Looking up to the sky, it looked like there were a few more hours till the sun went down. Now that I wasn't to sure if I could get back to where I have slept previously, I would have to find a place somewhere else. I set on the path hoping I could find that child I have been following. Upon reaching the intersection that was about a block away, I crossed the street and saw some movement in the distance. Not like the typical movement that I normally see of the walking pedestrians that just disappear whenever I get close but a faster movement, a motion that was more fluid than everyone else here. 

A few more steps landed me the view that I needed, it was in fact the child I was following, she saw me but had no desire to run away. In her hands she had a white plastic ball that was no bigger than someone’s head. She threw it in the air a few times, and then bounced it on the ground—nothing out of the ordinary. The only thing between us now was several feet of an asphalt road. To her left, she was standing by a store. The sign that stood above the doorway in bold letters read 'Great Wares!'

It looked pretty simple; the whole front of the store was glass enabling you to see inside. The store was only composed of a few shelves with objects lining them and a rather small table with a cash register. Though the sign on the door read 'Open' all of the lights within the store were off and it looked anything but being open. Outside of the store was lined up bicycles all chained together so no one could take off with them, possibly me.

To the right of the girl was a large grassy field to which I can suspect to be a park due to seeing large castle-like figures in the distance. Soon as I crossed the road I looked at the girl that was no further than a few feet now. I was watching what she was doing to see if she were actually real—it would be a new venture if she were. After a few more bounces of her ball she tucked it under her arm and looked up to me. She had a pair of intense blue eyes and if I could feel threatened by her, her look was as of a murderer. After a few more seconds she smiled at me, raised her hand up to me and said.

'Hi, my name is Moony, what’s your name?'

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