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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 5: Chasing Silhouettes, Talking to Shadows Pt. 2

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Weeping echoed in every corner through the lobby, I wanted to know what was wrong but nothing will be for sure until I could find a way in there. The words between the two people became a little more legible but still incoherent, like they were in another room but the door was now open. The crying turned more hysterical and desperate; I had to know what was happening.

'Serenity?' I yelled. Everything grew silent for several minutes, all I could hear were leaky pipes from above the inside door. I looked around the room expecting anything but I couldn't hear anything especially over my heavy breathing. I held my breath for as long as I could and there was whispering for that small silence. Just one person, I was certain it was her. She talked as if she was to someone else but the tone, it was the same tone as when I was following her in the streets. A one sided conversation, a conversation with herself, an imaginary friend. Her voice grew softer as the seconds went by but then she talked in a regular tone, I couldn't understand it but it was seven syllables—I knew that much. Then again and again, it grew louder every time it was said up to a bloody scream.

'I DON'T NEED YOU! I DON'T NEED YOU! I DON'T NEED YOU!' Another yell began but this time from a man.

'What the hell are you doing? Oh my, oh my god. You have to stop this!'

'I don't need you! Get off of me!' A rustling and muffled yelling occurred afterwards. It grew cold fast; I felt a change in the air around me. I heard people run back and forth behind me but like always, there was nobody there. Just then, cold air pushed in and out of the open areas to the door—like someone was breathing, like the building was breathing. I backed up a few steps and into the street while still fixed on the open hole; screaming pushed itself out of the apartment and it nearly sounded like she was next to me. I looked around frantically just to make sure but I couldn't see anything, fog was all I could see, it was just littering the streets and infecting the air.

The fog was thicker now; I couldn't see any further than a few feet now. The screaming grew quieter and it could have even stopped but the screaming echoed through my head repeatedly. It set an imprint in my mind and I couldn't think of anything else, it grew more disturbing as the time went by and kept my mind on it other than what was around me. I could have just been standing in silence now but I longed for more noise. As the distance narrowed between the apartment building and me again I saw movement through the cracks of the boards.

I pressed my head against the boards again hoping that I would finally see something but nothing entered into the lobby before me. Slowly but surely a noise echoed from one of the adjacent hallways, it was nothing that could have come from a natural human mouth but some sweet and joyful tune. It made me think of the screaming I heard earlier, some great shrilling that turned into poetry and a melody. Like you could take advantage of someone’s anguish and pain, then turn it into something beautiful, a new form of entertainment. 

The room was just like before—broken chairs, holes in everything, dust everywhere—but this time, there was a light on back to the left just before the main desk, the same hall in which I heard Serenity. This was where the sound was coming from; I could feel it crawl down my spine. I fixed my gaze to that direction but nothing appeared to me. A ding ringed throughout the room, which startled me for a second, but upon finding what it was, it was only the elevator in front of me from across the room. The shrill continued to pierce my ears but the sounds that the elevator made became the whip within the darkness. Everything grew more quiet, I could hear myself breathe but when everything reframed from making their creeks and crows everything seemed frozen in place. A light crying pierced the void, it was Serenity again; there was no noise not even tongue, she was so close like she was behind me but the darkness covered my eyes.  

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