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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Child: Entry 26

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The Beginning:

Previously on The Child:

Lights flickered in every corner of my eye; people flooded the streets all around me. There was very little room in the streets where we were. From what I could tell, from where a building ended to where another began were only a mere few feet from each other leaving no more that eight feet of space in the roads where I stood. Looking up, I couldn't even see the sky. Large buildings towered several hundred feet high and clotheslines, scaffoldings and boards—varied from window to window—cluttered the view. It was as if no sunlight could even reach down here and all the light was coming from the businesses that cluttered the roads.

This was by far a culture shock to me; I was familiar with small towns with nobody to get near for miles. Now people scatter everywhere and not all of them are just passing. Several people just sat against the buildings hearing old hats and coats, growing month old beards. One spoke to me, I didn't hear what he said but I turned to him to see what he wanted. It was this middle-aged man with a bloody bandana over his left eye and his right hand out towards me. I looked into his hand to see if there was something there but I saw nothing other than his worn out fingerless gloves that were on his hands.

He wanted something from me but I couldn't comprehend what he would want.

I shuffled around in my pockets and just then Ville turned around to look at me again. He was only a few more inches away from me when I first left him—the streets were packed and he was attempting to roll a wheelchair through everyone. He cleared his throat to get my attention, I looked back at him and he gave me a deathly look saying that I have to leave the man be. I gave my last look to the poor fellow and nodded no, he understood me and put down his hand down, I nodded back and began to turn around but before I was able to leave he offered me a big grin. Yellow varied to black, which varied to no teeth at all, it was some masterpiece in his mouth and it made me want to puke.

I turned away and began to follow Ville again with my hand over my mouth trying to keep whatever I still had in my stomach in. After a while longer, Ville began to just shove his way through as the traffic flowed against us.

'If they wont get out of my way I will make them regret that decision.' Ville said back to me as he started to ram the chair into people’s knees and toes. He looked back at me again and laughed hard, I could only do the same with him but I could only feel sorry for those who lived in the streets. Why do they have to be here and not anywhere else? It will most likely be a question that I would not doubt to be answered in the near future. Ville turned to a wooden door, twisted the knob and walked in backwards preventing any complications with the wheelchair. As he did this I looked around the outside to see what I may be getting into. A sign in the corner of one of the windows read 'Gillian's Travel Emporium' I obviously had no clue what that meant.  I walked in seconds after Ville's entrance and he was already greeted by who I could only assume to be a friendly face.

'Ville! You sick sonouvabitch. What are you doing here? You are early, what happened?'

'I'll tell you on the way but I need you to meet a new acquaintance, his name is Emery.' Ville turned to look at me showing me off to his friend. This man looked of a different ethnicity, though I have not met one of his kind before I could tell he was from the Middle East due to his olive complexion and his white robes attire. 'Emery, this is Ghil, Ghil this is Emery' Ghil nodded to me and I responded.

'Is Gill short for Gilligan?' The man laughed and asked Ville 'Where did you get this guy?' He then responded.

'No, sorry its short for Ghilib. The sign says Gilligan because most people will shorten it down to Gill. Gill, Ghil, there’s no difference and I don't have to answer the same dumb question over and over.' I felt a little embarrassed for asking such a stupid question.

'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ask such a—' Ghil interrupted.

'Its fine Emery! There are so many spellings and pronunciations to things no one could ever fully understand! It was a smart question but it’s just asked by stupid people all the time. Though, I am not calling you stupid.' Ville interrupted the both of us.

'I hate to interrupt you guys but I have a matter at hand that needs to be dealt with before anything else can get done. Ghil?'

'You are lucky that I am such a nice man Ville. There is this elderly couple that I have been trying to hold back and how bout that! They are apparently going to loose there seats because they weren't here early because we are leaving right now! Oh well, I guess they will have to by some more tickets at another time.' Ghil winked at me and snapped his fingers at Ville, motioning him to close the shades that were by the window.

'Go ahead and take a look around Emery, I need a few more words with Ville before we head off.' As I heard the two mumble together I looked around the room’s corners and walls. Posters of tropical islands to snowy mountains littered the ceiling and walls. The whole place overall was rather small. From what I could tell, the building only comprised of this one room. Though, there was another door behind the main counter in which where Ville and Ghil stood. Packs of cigarettes lined the shelves behind them along with maps and little models of buildings, which I could only assume, were made to look like some of the larger buildings in the city.
'Emery, if you two are ready I can get you guys going.' I couldn't see any forms of transportation around; I guess it was in the room behind Ghil. I nodded to him and he smiled opening up the door behind him and motioning for both of us to enter the other room. Ville walked in and I followed then Ghil. Before any more words were mentioned, Ghil started to close the door we just went through. If my mind wasn't playing any tricks on me, I could hear the front door being knocked on and possibly an elderly couple who just had their dreams crushed stood on the other side.   

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