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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Last Thoughts (My Wish)

I can’t believe this.
I don’t understand why I cant......

I'll scream I love; I'll love you more.
I'll write it on the bathroom floor.
Mix it up, with serenade. 
Sweeter than all lemonade.
I need your love, please love me too.
Understand what I can do.
I can give you all,
especially my kiss.
That’s something you don’t want to miss.

Well I can’t do what we all do.
Get mixed and fixed with all my friends.
Entrapped in love, with no end.
Get to know my family,
be all that I was destined to be.

I start to feel these fragile words! 
Circles around me like a curse.
I can’t sit still and I will not stay.
Blows me open with hand grenades.
I know I can say you can too.
If you wont what should I do?
When you feel the planets shift,
realize that it was my wish.

I can see,
I can feel,
I can choose all the things that I want to.
With what I hear,
with what I care,
You can lay with me,
play with my hair.
Please leave my mind be,
I know you can.
I'll sing this piece to you everyday,
everything can be my wish.
Be my wish.
Be my wish.

Well, it’s my wish
I think I can do this.
I will choose my life,
I know I can do this.
Leave it be known,
I do care.
You can keep,
all the things that I wear.
You can change the world, 
with this small phrase.
That I don’t matter, 
Just you this day.
I love the world,
and you should too,
but its your wish if you want to.
I bet this world can be great someday.
It all really lies on,
your wish.

I wrote this on a spring morning, when I was sixteen.
This was to be known as one of my last poems I would write.
I planned to die that day. 

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