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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Child: Entry 17 (1 of 2)

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The Beginning:

Previously on The Child

Entry 16

At nighttime, the cottage had a eerie feel to it; silhouettes of strange figures shine across the floor and walls, like a congregation of many going to watch the coming events to unfold. I could hear the wind roar outside swinging a gate of some kind against the house. A steady bang, bang, bang echoed through the house. Ville took the lead in front of me while going down the hallway that leads downstairs as I was following him I could only think that I haven't ventured around the cottage at night; it truly was a different experience. All the paintings and furniture that I normally see in the daylight became torn and manipulated to things they weren't before. This place was odd; I guess it will always be that in my eyes

Ville looked cautiously down the stairs to make sure no one was at the bottom and after he took a double take he turned to wave to me. I could only see him out of the corner of my eye but I knew very well on what he wanted but I was transfixed on everything that was inside the cottage and especially what I was seeing out side the window in front of me.  

Children were playing in the mist of the dark, running in circles, holding hands, dancing around this dark like spire. The spire had a dark aura coming from it, like it was growing roots into the air, infecting anything it surrounds. The children had no care in the world; they didn't know what they were dancing around. 

An infesting darkness filled soul while I was watched everything happen. It looked as if the darkness filled the children's souls too. They became lethargic as the time went by and the roots of darkness coming from the spire wrapped around all the children and they just stood there looking up at the spire as if it was their wise father. They became indoctrinated and they followed everything that they were being told. 

I looked out to the trees behind them where the orchid laid and the trees thrashed around like someone was shaking them to tear them down. Leaves fell and swirled around in the wind flying back and forth then floating off the off the cliff--their own suicide. Everything I saw became progressively worse then I finally understood what Ville told me earlier. Something was happening and we need to be there as it happened so I turned to look at him and he looked as if he was moving in slow motion. He was still in the middle of the wave that he motioned to me earlier. When he got my attention everything started to move fast again and the first thing I heard when coming back to Earth was the sound of the gate I heard previously banging against the house, creating some spooky backdrop to my life. I got close to Ville and he whispered to me.

'Ok. When we get down the stairs we will approach the cells in Solitary, as you well know the first cell you see will be the one you were in. From there we need to take a left down the hallway all the way to the end, that is where we will see a large chamber, that is where we are going.'

'Are you sure that this is where they are?' I asked.

'Yes.' He spoke confidently 'I am very sure that this is where they are. There are things that you are going to see Emery, things that will be uncomforting and barbaric. Just try your hardest not to make a noise to what you see. It is very important that we do this unnoticed. I will lead the way.' I nodded and he descended down the stairs, quietly and rather slowly. 

I guess I don't know the importance of what is happening and what will be because I did not quite understand why this was so crucial. Every step creaked as we descended and I could only wince at every step like it would be the last step of my natural born life but they weren't. We reached the bottom and the hallway to my previous cell looked unfamiliar than it had in the past. Candles lit the passageways and flower pedals filled the path of where we were supposed to go but a trail of blood exposed itself too. Several blood drops laid on the pedals and the cold concrete along the whole path that we were going. I gulped; it was the only sound I heard down here so far. In fact, it was so loud Ville turned around to look at me in surprise figuring that someone was behind us but when he noticed it was me the whole time he became less tense and continued on.

We started to head down the hallway and looking at the end of it, it will be a tense few minutes. As Ville's pace grew faster he steeped lower to the ground, bending his knees to nearly a crouch. I tried to do the same thing but my knees couldn't handle it so I followed him leaning forward thinking that it was going to help--the only thing it helped was it made me feel more sneaky. After several more steps from Ville he reached to his side and he took out a small knife having nearly no hilt but a rather skinny long blade. He hid it behind his back holding it like he was ready to stab down at someone but he had it turned up towards his back. I became more scared because I had no idea what to expect, in fact I wasn't even prepared for a battle of any kind.

A scream came from the cell to my right and I jumped in surprise but that wasn't the only scream. One scream of anguish turned to another and another, then thrashing and banging followed. These people were being tortured but I did not know why or how but I knew it was sick, I could only hope that the man I saw when I was in my cell wasn't the average look of everyone here, if so I could only feel a great pity inside of me. Hands from under the doors came out reaching for anything that they could grasp but in the condition of their hands, I was surprised that they were still using them. 

I truly was walking into the light of a greater doom that surrounded me. I thought this family was pure and true but seeing these dark secrets around me I could only feel that this so called 'Family' was the root of all evil. The prisoner’s hands were torn up. They had cuts all over them and some looked as if the skin was peeled off of them. The worst was seeing no fingernails on several of the hands; Blood came out of the fingertips and the hands were just reaching for something that could just ease the pain. Im not really sure if I would rather have this to happen to my hands or just have them cut off so I could never feel another pain on my fingers. From what seemed like a fog of war lifted and I could see into the chamber that we were heading to. 

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