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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dying For What You Hide


has found then hardened my heart.

Like it was cut from stone.

It just creeped through the dirt.


Will this aching stop my nation?

Just one act under me.

Now we will pledge under one great scar.

I just wanted to expose what was hid and under this dark.

I wanted to love all the bad things that went to far.

I stayed in a gutter just to write you a song.

But like the others you didn't belong.


Are all the voices that I hear?

Sounds like they are just thrashing around.

Opening cupboards and slamming them shut.


Do I have hear this anger.

It's just there in my head.

Why can't we talk this out?

I needed to know why this suspension is so high.

I want to show all the hatred found in my eyes.

But you were happy so I hid it from your sight.

Like a preacher.

Like a daughter.

I will hide.

Like a zealot.

Like a killer.

In there eyes.

Like autumn.

The leaves.

Fall from the sky.

I can't leave it.

So I will hide.

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