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Friday, February 24, 2012

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 17: When The Thought Arises

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Previously on Listening For That Sweet Tune:

    Like any other person in the world I could only wonder what the hell just happened but reason has no meaning anymore. So I found myself doing what everyone would have ran away from, I followed the tooth ripping fiendmaybe to return his tooth that he misplaced by my feet. I am still yet to explore the other side of the house but this happening here may just be enough of what I need to see.

Each and every step across the room was a step of caution and fear, I didn't know what to expectalmost anything can happen nowadays. I slid my feet across the dark room and nothing I was hearing was a comfort to my fear. As I moved my weight from one foot to the next a big creak of moving boards and loose nails echoed through the house. I wasn't quite sure if that strange man was either waiting for me or totally forgot but if this was an average man, he was waiting and waiting to make a move. All I was trying to do was to move across the rest of this room and make it to the hallway with so much more light and one broken dish but my pulsing anxiety that was pushing through my veins was making something so simple to become such a hard task.

I can assure you that I did make it to the other side of the room, in a fairly timely manner. By the time the light from the hallway reached my face and begun to light up my world I heard something rhythmic coming from the next room where I could only guess where the strange man went. It first sounded like a song, some music was playing from what I could make out but it was ancient. I headed further down the hallwaynow passing the broken dish and tableand it sounded like the sound was coming from the left of the hallway.

Through every cautious step forward the music got louder but it was fairly slow, as was my steps. What I originally thought the faint sound was from instruments became more organic. What I could make out was something like Gregorian chants. Several voices in unison spoke out in a mere mumble but the words were something very few could recognize, I'm not sure if I can myself but I could say it sounded something like Latin or rooted from it.

By this time I traveled several more feet forward to see the hallway to stop heading forward but making a left and almost immediately after that was a door to another left, a dark hallway and a window to end the hallway all together. Looking back to the hallway I was still in though, before turning a left was a painting on the wall that sent chills down my spine. I could make out that it was hand painted in blood and from what I can make out charcoal.

The elements in the painting were rather natural. One coming from the natural earth and the other from the oh-so familiar natural body. This made me very intrigued on medium that was placed on this canvas before me. I can only wonder what the intention was for using such specific products I could only help but relate the similarities of blood and charcoal. One thing that is for sure is that both natural elements are used to keep something to many things alive.

As we all know, blood is used to keep practically anything with a heart to live but charcoal can be used to keep a fire alive too. Now after realizing this I found out what was written on the canvas, it read 'A raging fire is my body dying'. At that moment I heard another crash of what sounded like another glass dish being thrown to the ground. I turned around to see what was happening to see the door down the next hallwaywhere all the sound was coming fromwas wide open, pushing out this bright amber light. I approached the door slowly looking intensely at what I could be seeing in the room but how the door was propped open I ended up being directly in front of the door to see anything in the room.

The music was something of a Gregorian chant but I couldn't find anybody in the room. The room was covered with writing on the walls, ceiling and the floor in another red substance that one can only assume to be blood. The writing was cryptic I couldn't make any sense of them but they looked more like large symbols that actual writing. On the floor looked something like a drawing of a rather large octagon with several figures inside of it and directly above it was a drawn in eye on the ceiling looking down at the octagon but it almost felt like it was looking at every thing inside the roomincluding me.

There was a table in one of the corners of the room, it looked like it was made of solid wood but metal at the same time--one thing is for sure, it was sturdy. Looking at the objects on the table there were several parts of the human body. There was a large forearm that looked like its been whittled down slowly, a handful of teethseveral small and large, a jar full of eyeballs but they weren't being fermented, fingers, tongues, lips and feet. I couldn't examine everything for to long because I heard another crash behind me but this time, if felt very close. I turned around to see that strange man looking at me intensely while standing in the doorway. The glass was broken right next to his feet and he knelt down to pick up a rather large fragment.

Something bad was going to happen but then again it was expected ever since I walked inside this house so I wasn't surprised. I stood my ground to see what was going to happen and the man reached up into his mouth again tearing out another tooth but this one sounded very painful. There was such a large crack it felt like my own teeth were being pulled out but when he showed me the tooth; it wasn't a full tooth but a half the other being still in his mouth. I could only cringe in pain as he spit blood out to the side of him and pocketed the tooth smiling. Then he rushed towards me.

In the big struggle between the two of us he landed the first strike. As he got closer to me he threw the piece of glass at me piercing my upper right armjust my luck. Then he overpowered me by throwing me to the ground towards the center of the room and jumping on top of me holding my hands above my head. It felt like the fight was over too soon. He put his face right next to mine and he started sniffing me, the blood from his mouth dripped from his chin down to my face. It was disgusting so I thrashed back and forth trying to get him off of me and before I knew it I snapped.

As he was putting his attention to my hands probably fantasizing what he could do to me I looked at what I cold do. His neck was the only thing I could reach so I acted on impulse.  I pushed myself as hard as I could and I bit the mans throat and vocal chords and it wasn't a gentle bite. He started to yell in pain as continued to chew at his throat and I ripped all I could out of his body. What began as a yell turned into a choke, I took out a good portion of him and all he could do was put his hands to cover his neck to stop the bleeding but that wasn't going to help him. 

I pushed him off of me got up and stood over him as he was shaking back and forth as if he was having a seizure. This was a matter of life and death so I did what I had to do. I spit out the mans throat onto his body and I could only assume that my body was even more bloody than before but now there was a blood taste in my mouth. With it being the only thing I have eaten for days, it tasted so sweet it tasted like heaven.

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