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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Child: Entry 12

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The Beginning:

Previously on The Child:

I had a lot of time to myself soon as my ever kind 'Family' imprisoned me again. I don't know how long it has been since I was able to step outside but I feel it’s been a while now. I’m sure I have lost track of time—everyone does when your behind bars. It just all blends in together and you forget about months and years and you focus on the present day and what will happen the next. I still heard some screams in the other rooms beside me but they don't talk to me, they just yell in anguish and I just listen, as if it was my radio. Its not like I can tell them to stop but I would rather be a good neighbor and keep to myself. 


From the time I spending down here, I’m getting several visits from the family but the visits weren't for pity. Some of the members I had my room with for a few days come down and asked if I stole anything else, more specifically their own things. Like one member, his name is 'Deadeye' Jack Walsh—you can guess my that’s his name—is an older member. He just strolls along with no care in the world but if you did something that involved him or his stuff he started to get at you like a three year old having a fit. 

     He came almost regularly as the days went and when he started visiting the conversation sounded like 'You piece of scum if I find you took anything from me I swear Ill cut your arms off'. Tough love I guess. Then after a while he started to put himself in my shoes weeks later after his first visit. By then he started talking to me about his life and how he fought in the war for the Allies. 'I taught em jerry's not to mess on our land but they gave me one last insult by gettin some shrapnel in ma eye!' Then after a long while we became friends and he apologized for being so harsh on me in the start. 

Then I got to know the man who Anastsius was talking to the morning I was cast out. For a while he spoke very little but he was sent by 'mom' to read my fortune or something but he wanted to get to know me first. He was a quiet one and then after an amusing antic dote I told him about my childhood and he found out my last name was Delacroix. The mother never told anyone so when he found out everyone knew by the following day. Now, this quiet fortuneteller was a man just called Allure—which was very odd in my mind because he did none of the such to me. That’s when he read my fortune by looking into my soul or something. 

     He said I was a lost one with a big history. Imprisoned for years—I didn't think I was in this cell for that long—and that will find the meaning of once lost. That’s when he started telling me about the Delacroix's Cube. Apparently it’s only attracted to a certain kind of aura and it will shape shift and manipulates to reach the auras nature. He then was suggesting that I might just have the right to it if some certain things go through. Made no sense to me, I have only been here for so little and a majority of those days I spent in this same cell. How can I be entitled to anything that belongs to this family? 


After a few more weeks I saw a member I have never seen before. He was the type of guy that you can say as 'sketchy'. When I found out his name he was the same guy that was mentioned by other members as more deceptive than anything I could have done. He was dressed like some noire detective with fancy suits, dark glasses, a fedora...it was just weird. He talked to me as if he was sharing secrets to the end of the world in a very quiet voice but they were only conversations like 'how’s the weather?' or 'I’m sorry for what is happening'. Several times I was tempted in saying back to him in a very secretive tone; 'Where’s the loo?'. I couldn't help but laugh to myself every single time I saw the man known as Mr. Robinson. I don't think anyone could take him very seriously, not even 'mum'. 


The last ones that I could only remember to care about was a couple by the name of Mr. and Mrs. Cane. Mr. Cane, of which, was a bigger man. Not saying fat but by stature. He was a very tall well-put together man. His wife was amazing also very small and fragile but able to hold herself together and go through everything both of which had blue eyes, blond hair and were mid twenties. They were both dressed like a newlywed couple, very happy and always holding hands. They were happy as they were and I respected that. She had a very soft voice that was quite mellow; several times she just talked to her husband and had him tell me because she was so shy. He had a lower voice like thunder cracking through the skies. As I sat on the floor like a low life they entered my room every time with a set of chairs. 

     The Mr. always sat in a chair a little more pushed forward than his wife's as if I was some criminal while his wife sat a few inches beside and behind him, always with her legs crossed to show her pale white legs from all the summer dresses she wore. They liked to talk about family and if it was a good decision to have children—it wasn't my thing so I mostly just said many variation of yeah. After all the many conversations of the members of the family the lasts ones were this couple.

The last day they saw me in this cell Mrs. Cain told me while she was leaving 'I will leave a good word for you, don't worry, your days in this cell will be numbered'. While she said that her husband was already out of the cell holding her hand as she stood in the doorway trying to leave that little kind bye wave you see when the woman lifts up their palm towards you while moving their fingers back and forth; Her husband then tugged her other hand and it was like she flew away.

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